The 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories and Tweets of September 2012

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Here are the top 10 most popular jewelry news stories from September 2012:

Indiana Jeweler Shot in Home Invasion

According to a local news report, owner Gary Thrapp is back to work.

New Company Producing Colorless Synthetic Diamonds

“For all those that think this is doing good for the industry you are absolutely wrong,” says commenter George_Dek. “Customers doubt jewelers’ integrity as if it was part of their religious belief system. We are less trusted then used car salesmen. And it is exactly for this reason.”

Blue Nile’s New Direction—And What It Says About Our Industry

Blue Nile has now committed whole-hog to growing its fashion jewelry business—it’s hiring a design director, has appointed a new chief merchant, and just unveiled its first proprietary line with Monique Lhuillier. What are your thoughts on what it means for the industry?

Smyth Jewelers Takes Over Bailey Banks & Biddle

Bailey Banks & Biddle Group has hired Baltimore-based Smyth Jewelers to manage the company’s nine locations.

Banks Predict Huge Gains for Gold

“If this information proves true, and I hope it does not, I am going to have to get better at working in silver and alternative metals!” says commenter Jennifer S.

Surprise! People are Happy With Their De Beers Class Action Checks

The first De Beers class action checks have been received, and from what senior editor Rob Bates hears, industry folk are surprisingly happy with them. Have you gotten yours yet? Feel free to email Rob with comments.

Brooke Astor’s 22.84 Carat Engagement Ring Sells for $1.2 Million at Sotheby’s

This is some seriously awesome emerald bling. Don’t miss checking it out.

Michelle Obama Rocks the DNC in Kimberly McDonald Earrings

“Why does everyone on both sides of the political fence make it seem wrong to spend money on nice things, or to have good taste in clothing or jewelry?” says commenter Mark Fandel. “It is a good thing that our first lady appreciates nice things, and wears them well.”

GIA Discovers Lead Glass-Filled Synthetic Ruby

“Let’s hope that since the GIA, AGL, and other labs internationally are now identifying this material as ‘manufactured’ or ‘composite’ products—neither of which can be sold as genuine ruby, treated or otherwise—and  industry groups are petitioning the FTC to take steps to ensure they’ll be identified in a way that prohibits selling them as ‘ruby,'” says commenter Antoinette Matlins.

Dallas Jeweler’s Stolen Goods Said to Turn Up at GIA Hong Kong

Two diamonds said to be stolen from a Dallas retailer have turned up at the Gemological Institute of America’s Hong Kong lab—and now the retailer has launched a court case to determine their true ownership.

The top 10 tweets of September 2012: