The 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories and Tweets of October 2012

After the events of the week, I didn’t have much to left in my mental tank to wax poetic about the top news of last month.

However, I cracked a smile looking back at all the headlines whose relevance was diminished by the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. From the argument over the size of Jennifer Aniston’s diamond to scientists discovering a way to turn gold different colors, the news was its usual mix of funny, sad, hopeful, serious, and, most important, useful to our readers in order to run a successful business.

After weeks like this, it’s easy to say to people, “Look forward, and don’t look back.” However, learning, adapting, and gaining strength from what we’ve all collectively gone through in the past is what makes moving onward easier.

In that spirit, take a moment and check out the month of news that came before Monday night before taking your next step into the future. Together, we will all will create better headlines in the weeks and months ahead.

Jewelers still looking for resources on dealing with the affects of the storm, please reference our coverage earlier this week.

Here are the top 10 most popular jewelry news stories from October 2012:

Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring: Gaudy or Gorgeous?

What do you think? Can a diamond really be too big?

Q&A With Olympic Gold Medalist and Pandora Rep Aly Raisman

This story zoomed up the charts after Raisman beamed out JCK’s tweet to her 470,000 followers. 

Louis Fortunoff Dies

Louis Fortunoff, a former executive of his family’s storied retail chain, died of cancer on Oct. 20 at age 47.

Case Shows Jewelers Dangers of Facebook, JSA Says

JSA provides great tips for an industry still feeling its way around social media. What are some social media pitfalls that you’ve experienced?

Scientists Discover Way to Turn Gold and Silver Different Colors

Are any of your customers clamoring for multicolored gold?

Suit Claims Macy’s Misrepresents Its Gold Jewelry

Some Macy’s jewelry stamped “fine gold” actually contains gold-plated silver, according to a lawsuit filed Oct. 10 in Massachusetts federal court.

Julius Klein Sells Stake in Ritani as Brand Launches E-Commerce Site

The Julius Klein Group sold its controlling interest in Ritani to a group of investors that are reinventing the brand as an e-commerce site. What do you think it means for the industry?

Jeweler Sues City Over Gold Buying Law

San Diego-based Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers filed suit against National City, Calif., claiming the town’s two-year moratorium on new gold buying establishments has cost the store millions. Do you think they have a case?

Harry Winston Reportedly Selling Jewelry Business

Harry Winston is looking to sell its jewelry and watch business to a luxury conglomerate like LVMH or PPR. The company denied the rumors.

Millions in Counterfeit Watches Seized in Paraguay

On Oct. 16, U.S. and Paraguayan authorities seized $34 million in counterfeit goods, including replicas of leading watch brands like Patek Philippe, Tissot, TAG Heuer, Bulgari, and Hublot.

The top 10 tweets of October 2012: