The 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories and Tweets of May 2012

May 2012 will go down as one of my favorite months of all-time for jewelry news.

The month featured a strong mix of serious, meaty industry developments and endearing human retailer stories that keep our editors’ inboxes humming all month.

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Here are the top 10 most popular jewelry news stories from May 2012:

Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds Appearing on Market

“I work in the pawn industry and we are the prime dumping ground for this material,” says commenter Blakehill. “We have international diamond buyers regularly shopping our stores and then selling back into the jewelry markets.”

Richline Introducing Jewelry Vending Machine

One of my favorite teasers ever: Vending machines aren’t just for corn chips anymore.

Texas Jewelry Store Owner Engages in Shoot-Out With Robber

Personally, I disagree with several of the comments that are attached to this story, but I can’t entirely fault jewelers for wanting to protect themselves. I hope in the future that the industry is able to debate and discuss this issue without resulting to B-movie declarations of all-out war.

De Beers Antitrust Class Action Now Final

“This so totally sucks. It’s always the little guy takes the hit,” says commenter Silkenwing. “I don’t ever expect to get a check from this and it does nothing to bolster my confidence in DeBeers.”

Hearts On Fire Plans Chain of 75 Stores

With more than 25 comments—and counting—this is proving to be a growing trend for brands that retailers—rightfully—are weary of. I suggest reading Rob Bates’ interview with Hearts On Fire’s CEO and letting us know your thoughts on the issue.

Warren Buffett Scores in Second Stint as Jewelry Salesman

This story is always a crowd-pleaser. The man has the magic touch.   

Pandora’s Revenues Sink Because of Stock Balancing

“They seem to be missing out on the bead business, trying to build other lines,” says commenter Thegildedartisan. “People want new beads and they just don’t have them.”

J.C. Penney Eliminates Sales Commissions

This is another issue worth weighing in on. What do you think of the changes J.C. Penney has made?

Gold Price’s Three Month Fall Is First in 11 Years

“Gold is still very high and will probably go higher especially with the stalled economy,” says commenter Marc. “Even though the indicators show the economy improving, if you talk to the general population, you’d think otherwise.”

Tiffany May Lose Elsa Peretti License, Has Mixed Quarter

I’ve purchased several of the Elsa Peretti’s designs, so this news bums me out. But, change is good, even for a retailer as historic as Tiffany’s.

The top 10 tweets of May 2012:

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