The 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories and Tweets of June 2012

The industry may be taking some time off after the rigors of this year’s JCK Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean June lacked for attention-grabbing news.

From J.C. Penney’s president resigning after just eight months on the job to the rise in popularity of nontraditional engagement rings, the stories JCK covered this past month kept the industry informed, even if some of it was settled on a beach somewhere south of the Equator.

Oh, all that and I got to drink champagne on the deck of the USS Intrepid and check out cool watches and fighter jets. I still haven’t recovered.

Here are the top 10 most popular jewelry news stories from June 2012:

Jeweler Killed at California Flea Market

“Stories like this remind jewelers to be aware of the risks of the profession, which must always be carefully managed,” says commenter Charlie. “In South Carolina, armed robbery, even without using the weapon, has a minimum sentence of 7 years of forced labor without parole. That’s a good message to send to would-be robbers.”

Pandora Sues Chamilia Over Swarovski Co-Branded Products

Makes you wonder if there is a courthouse bead from one of these two companies in the offing.

J.C. Penney President Resigns After Eight Months

We’ve gotten a ton of comments on our coverage of what’s going on at J.C. Penney. Also check out Rob Bates’ blog, “Why J.C. Penney’s Transformation Needs to Be Transformed,” and give us your thoughts on the issues facing the department store chain.

Retailer Sued Over Misleading Sales

One of my favorite comments of all-time: “Instead of a monetary settlement, Jos. A. Bank will offer each complainant three suits for the price of one, and throw in five dress shirts if the complainant decides to purchase a pair of dress slacks,” says commenter HS.

Cutting Remarks: About That Parcel of Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds

Rob Bates gives an update on the synthetic diamond situation after a parcel of 600 synthetic diamonds was submitted to the IGI in Antwerp without proper disclosure. The comments from readers are worth reading.

Nontraditional Engagement Rings Rise in Popularity

“Being nonconventional with choice of jewelry has always fascinated all,” says commenter Loose Diamonds. “This is what pushing all to experiment a lot with the designs of the basic jewelry. It’s a really good time for consumers!”

Cutting Remarks: The Antwerp Lab Bribery Case Blows Open

Valuable comment from Widgefield: “Transparency, honesty, trust, integrity only can become the fabric of an industry when an independent entity supervises, audits and more.”

Cutting Remarks: What’s the Strongest Jewelry Brand in the U.S.? (It Begins With a “T”)

Store We Adore: Ivanka Trump Flagship Boutique & Bridal Salon

I had to drop something off to the store’s former location once and was blown away by how hip and modern it was. The new digs are even cooler! 

Upheld Health Care Law Will Affect Jewelers

Despite the divisiveness of the issue, JCK readers came up with some thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. Feel free to weigh in on the issue and on how the law has affected your business.

The top 10 tweets of June 2012

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