Text Me About It: Meeo Miia

It’s a shopaholic’s (read: me) favorite day of the year: Cyber Monday! Today is the day we receive numerous emails filled with coupon codes and discounts to use on that dress we’ve been coveting, or perhaps to purchase some discounted holiday gifts. For those who weren’t brave enough to tackle Black Friday, today is your day! You may remember the days before the Internet made holiday shopping a breeze—but who wants to? This is the era of the World Wide Web—better yet, it’s the era of using smartphones to surf the Web, check our email…some people even use them call others (what?!). But don’t forget the star of the show: the text message. Everyone young and old is texting, from the kids in your family to the grandparents (well, sort of). And that’s why everyone can appreciate Meeo Miia. The mother-daughter jewelry company creates playful pieces inspired by our modern world of text messaging and Internet lingo. You’ll find pieces adorned with digital age terms like 143, ilu, and naturally, LOL. Take a look at some of Meeo Miia’s sweet, fun creations below.

Meeo Miia LOL


Meeo Miia Love pendant


Meeo Miia 143

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