Ten gunmen pull off an $800,000 diamond heist

Ten masked gunmen beat and robbed two Israeli salesmen of more than $800,000 in diamonds Thursday during a well-organized daytime robbery at a Miami gas station, police reportedly said.

The salesmen had finished pumping gas into their car Thursday morning when their exit was blocked by a Ford Mustang, a pickup truck and a van, The Associated Press reports. Ten men climbed out of the vehicles holding weapons and wearing masks and surrounded the salesmen’s car, Miami police reportedly said.

Some of the robbers smashed the car’s windows, dragged the salesmen out and began beating them, police reportedly said.

The gunmen took several items from the car, including wallets, watches, jewelry and the cache of diamonds before escaping in the pickup and the van, the AP reports.

The New York-based salesmen, identified as Efrain Sade, 39, and Shai Barbi, 30, were traveling around Florida delivering diamonds to businesses, the AP reports. They had just made a delivery in downtown Miami and were heading to Fort Lauderdale’s airport when the heist took place, police reportedly said.

Miami police’s robbery unit was investigating.