Ten Filmmakers Honored by Hamilton at ‘Behind the Camera’ Awards

Hamilton, the American watch brand, and Hollywood Life magazine held the Behind the Camera Awards which honored ten artists for their visual and emotional impact on the film industry. The awards were created to pay tribute to these filmmakers whose individual work contribute to the success of a movie, thus recognizing their creative ability to connect  to the audience through the eyes, ears, and heart.

In appreciation to costume designers for their inspiring work, Hamilton began to pay tribute to them in 2003, only concentrating. This year, Hamilton, in partnership with Hollywood Life, has decided to also honor other categories to truly grasp the whole body of work done behind the screen.

The awards, presented Nov. 12, including categories and honorees, are as follows:

* True Grit Director – Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris “Little Miss Sunshine”
* Super Producer – Holly Wiersma “Bobby”
* Screenwriter – Andrea Berloff “World Trade Center”
* Production Designer – Dante Ferretti “Black Dahlia”
* Cinematographer – Vilmos Zsigmond “Black Dahlia”
* Film Editor – Stephen Mirrione “Babel”
* Costume Designer – Sharen Davis “Dreamgirls”
* Propmaster – Ty Teiger “Casino Royale”
* Movie Marketing Ninja – Tim Palen, Lion’s Gate
* International Costume & Art Director – Tim Yip
* Stylist of the Year – Special award presented to Jessica Paster
Celebrities in attendance to present the awards and support their fellow filmmakers included Sharon Stone, Greg Kinnear, Christina Applegate, Michael Pena, James Woods, and Regina King.

Hamilton, founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pa., has had a long-standing relationship with the Hollywood community for more than 50 years as its timepieces were selected by filmmakers to be featured in hundreds of movies. The first film featuring a Hamilton watch was the Academy Award® nominated film The Frogmen in 1951.

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