Task Force to Create Master Plan for DMCC diamond sector

A task force led by Peter Meeus is charged with drawing a Master plan for the diamond sector of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. The key objective of the plan is to develop a comprehensive service economy supporting the international diamond trade. The task force will identify the needs, formulate proposals, and detail a plan of action.

The major focus of the Dubai-based DMCC is a 65-floor building called the Almas Tower. Meeus, the former managing director of the HRD in Antwerp, was hired by the DMCC in May as a special advisor to the for diamonds.

“Just as we offer the diamond trade a state of the art, fully equipped, and specially dedicated infrastructure through the Almas Tower, Dubai aims at creating added value to the trade by offering a wide range of supportive services,” said Ahmed bin Sulayem, DMCC chief operating officer.

“A changing market has new needs. We will look at all stages of the diamond pipeline, from mining to retail, from manufacturer to banker, to fully understand the needs and opportunities to better serve the trade.” says Peter Meeus who aims to finalize the Masterplan within three months.

DMCC’s Diamond Division has already launched several initiatives including the Dubai Diamond Exchange (a member of WFDB), Dubai Gem Certification, the 99-faceted Dubai Cut diamond, and a joint venture with online sales provider Polygon. DMCC also has driven the implementation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme across the UAE to combat the trade in conflict diamonds.