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Social media can be a blessing and a curse at the best of times, but in this era of uncertainty and isolation, it’s beautiful to see much of our industry looking to it as the former. When we find it difficult to carry on as we usually do, being able to take advantage of virtual meetups, group discussions, and mental escapes via social media and other online apps is as good as it gets. No one wants to be literally stuck at home, but if there ever was a time for it, be thankful it occurred in the time of TikTok and Netflix.

Many jewelers are looking for ways to reach their community of customers, colleagues, and friends in uplifting and creative ways, and we’re seeing great examples of that. In a sea of downright depressing news, this collection of jewelry’s beloved, friendly faces lends brightness. We’ll continue, surely, to talk about some of our favorite online movements as time moves on.

Image via: @mirtadegisbert

One to check out this week is brought to us by gemologist Mirta de Gisbert, the New York–based jewelry consultant that has built a following of 11.4K followers and counting with eye-popping photos of fabulous jewels (and a handful of appearances by her cuter-than-cute French bulldog, Mosi).

Sensing—correctly—that we all need a distraction, and with a desire to keep us focused on better things (like jewelry), de Gisbert has introduced #MyJewelsMyWay, a hashtag dedicated to the personal discussion of jewelry. She hopes that users will take part by sharing photos of themselves in their jewelry and telling the community the story of those pieces—how they got them, why they wear them, how those pieces make them feel.

“Feeling connected is more important than ever while we socially distance ourselves during this strange and stressful time,” says de Gisbert on a recent Instagram post. And that feels so very true, because, just when you feel like this strange, scary thing is happening only to you, it takes no more than a visit to Instagram to tell you precisely what you might need to hear: You are not alone.

Like many jewelers, de Gisbert is having to find ways around social distancing to run a business as well and is offering free chats—by phone or video—to discuss all things jewelry. She’ll also host global Instagram live sessions to chat with friends from across the United States, from her home in Spain, and other parts of the world to check in on fellow members of the industry and simply try to make the best of the situation. Last week was a virtual happy hour with jewelry designer Julie Lamb. This week, stay tuned. Jewelers, take note—this is an excellent way to catch up with your frequent customers.

“We are all in this together, so if we can find people with whom we share common interests, it will make it more fun and less lonely,” says de Gisbert.

I can certainly relate to how jewelry empowers us through this weird, alternate universe (it has to be, right?). First and foremost I would say, just get dressed. I often find it hard to take my own advice—there are definitely a few pairs of sweatpants seeing more wear than ever before (thank goodness I have multiple)—but at the very least, put on some jewelry. My engagement ring brings me joy. My earrings make me feel, if not quite put together, at least the tiniest sliver of curated cool. When my pantry diet of college-era staples begins to leave its mark on my skin and waistline, my jewelry will still sparkle. That’s got to count for something.

So definitely put on your favorite, most feel-good jewels and take your best (heck, show us your worst!) selfies, slap on #MyJewelsMyWay, and join the conversation. We’re all in this together and keeping the industry buzzing the best way we can is what we’re going to do.

Top: Mirta de Gisbert and her Frenchie, Mosi

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