Take the Road Less Traveled

Technology makes life easier, right? Think cars and—of course—computers. But, hey, it‘s the 21st century. Between smartphones, laptops, tablets, email, social media, and apps, at times it feels as if the customer is out of reach, lurking somewhere behind an impenetrable matrix of technologies.

According to a study conducted by SAP Software Solutions, 90 percent of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, and 45 percent of customers use social platforms on their mobile devices while in the store to help with their purchase decision. Today, customers don‘t just go to your shop and buy. They go on a journey with your brand. It may begin with the laptop on the sofa at home, researching diamond rings on your website. Next stop is social media on the smartphone, when she shares her favorites with her sister. It doesn‘t even end in store, when the couple finally takes the plunge and buys the ring. The journey rolls on into the post-sale zone, ripe with opportunities to reach out to the customer, cement your relationship, and sell more.

The customer journey is made up of a multitude of touch points. These touch points are all the online and real-world interactions between your brand and your customers, offering precious opportunities for engagement.

How? By optimizing your customer journey. Communicating a unique brand image. Strengthening your online presence. Connecting with customers on social media. Personalizing your offerings to thrill the customer. And by managing your marketing message across all channels to create consistency and to build trust.

Ask yourself: What does my customer journey look like today? Use this as the springboard to create the customer journey you want to offer. —Tzafrir Engelhard, VP business development, Sarine Technologies

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