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Take a Page From Starbucks’ First Brand Campaign

Starbucks has released its first-ever global brand campaign, “Meet Me at Starbucks,” which includes an original, mini-documentary that chronicles a smattering of happenings at 23 Starbucks locations around the world.

It’s beautifully filmed and appropriately epic in scale and scope. But it also illustrates a handful of terrific lessons for retailers looking to create impactful videos for online marketing. Check out the video, then jump below for some of my takeaways.


Courtesy Starbucks

It’s not about coffee. The product is there—but it’s not front and center. After the first 30 seconds or so, the video hardly feels like an ad at all, even though the logo is actually everywhere throughout the piece. It comes off as a touching homage to creative partnerships and loving relationships. Watching it is a decidedly feel-good experience.

It expands on preconceived notions of what Starbucks is—and what it’s there for. Did you know Starbucks welcomes weekly groups, paper-strewn tabletops, loud discussions, and even the occasional fencing match? The message: You, as a consumer, have freedom to be you at Starbucks. The genius: People spend money where they feel most comfortable. 

It’s establishing Starbucks as a meeting venue, not a drive-by destination. Stop, talk—heck, set up shop. Again, you are welcome to be here for long periods of time, doing you with abandon. 

It’s visually rich. The piece is visually lush, nuanced, and perfectly edited—which makes its five-minute-plus run time feel much more brief. Unfortunately, that level of polish is not something you can achieve with a smartphone camera—but that just means you should keep your videos shorter, simpler, and punchier. Let us know what you come up with!


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