Swiss Watchmaker Breitling Sponsors Yves Rossy Flight

Swiss watchmaker Breitling helped make the rocket man fantasy a reality when it sponsored the one-man flight of Yves Rossy—an aviator, inventor, and athlete known for his gutsy jaunts through the Swiss skies girded by little more than a helmet and a modern-day jet pack. New footage from his solo flight recently landed online, showing him soaring through the air strapped into the 8-foot-wide, carbon-fiber wings he personally designed.

Powered by kerosene-fueled jet turbines, the wings thrusted Rossy high above the Swiss Alps at 200 miles per hour, allowing the daredevil to circumvent the skies in huge, swooping circles. The Breitling Jet Team is the largest civilian aerobatic display team in Europe, and clearly doesn’t shy away from innovation.