Swarovski Gemstones Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones feature unrivaled quality and consistency of cut, clarity, and color. Behind this excellence, there is another important story about responsibility, integrity, and trust that is at the very heart of the Swarovski Gemstones Business. The company strives to ensure that all stages of a stone’s journey meet the highest standards of social and environmental sustainability. Swarovski’s long-standing dedication to responsible practices is something of which this fifth-generation, family-run business can be proud. Company founder Daniel Swarovski began this commitment 120 years ago, and it is still a cornerstone of Swarovski’s DNA.

Responsible Jewelry Council Certification

Swarovski’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) story gained significance in late 2015, when the Swarovski Gemstones Business received certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) confirming that Swarovski complies with the council’s Code of Practices, which address human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure, and many more important topics in the jewelry supply chain. The certification was a result of a successful verification of these standards by an international third-party auditor accredited by RJC. The RJC certification offers Swarovski Gemstones Business customers additional assurance about the responsible practices across the Swarovski Gemstones Business’s own operations and underscores its leading position among the sector’s elite businesses.

A Commitment to Responsible Production

Swarovski has robust systems in place to manage and reduce the environmental impacts of production and continuously innovates to ensure natural resources are consumed efficiently. The Swarovski Gemstones Business facilities in Austria are powered by 100 percent renewable electricity, with a high proportion supplied by Swarovski’s own hydroelectric plant. In 2014 solar panels were installed at the factory in Thailand to generate hot water that is used in the production process, saving 12,500 kWh per month.

A Commitment to Improving Transparency in Supply Chains

Swarovski Gemstones Business has also recognized that its responsibility extends beyond its own factory walls and is actively working to improve transparency in its supply chains. The Swarovski Supplier Code of Conduct sets clear expectations for suppliers and defines the fundamental social and environmental criteria they must fulfill in order to qualify for a business relationship with the Swarovski Gemstones Business.

Moreover, its Swarovski Zirconia supply chain is composed of only a handful of suppliers known and trusted by the business, giving Swarovski a high degree of transparency and influence. This level of control—along with the in-house production, where all the cutting, polishing, cleaning, and sorting for genuine gemstones and created stones takes place—helps to make Swarovski Zirconia a responsible choice. When it comes to genuine gemstones, the industry-wide challenge of fragmented supply chains means full traceability is harder to achieve. But Swarovski Gemstones Business is actively working to gain better transparency of the supply chain globally, through on-the-ground assessments and direct engagement with suppliers. In collaboration with industry peers, Swarovski is also taking a leadership role to raise standards at a global level.

Ultimately, when it comes to genuine gemstones or created stones, real quality goes beyond just what you see. It’s about integrity, trust, and responsibility. With Swarovski Gemstones Business, commitment to responsibility is not just a vague promise; it’s a solid guarantee.

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