Baguette Diamond Queen Suzanne Kalan Coming (Very) Soon To Harrods

On Thursday, Suzanne Kalandjian, the Los Angeles–based designer whose Suzanne Kalan brand made baguette-cut diamonds cool again, will open a stand-alone boutique at Harrods, the iconic London department store. And you can bet that designs displaying her whimsical approach to the geometric style will be front and center.

The boutique is the pinnacle of Kalandjian’s six-year relationship with Harrods. Bathed in her signature black, white, and silver color scheme, it will feature a range of exclusive designs, including a number of one-of-a-kind pieces in combinations of yellow gold, baguette-cut diamonds, and emeralds—an ode to Harrods’ trademark colors, green and yellow.

Suzanne Kalan Harrods boutique
A rendering of the Suzanne Kalan stand-alone boutique opening at Harrods in London on Oct. 8

Kalandjian made the angular cut a staple of her classic-with-a-twist jewelry collection in 2012, when she playfully arranged a parcel of baguette-cut diamonds on her desk and discovered that she liked the cuts best when they were facing different directions.

She says she loves the baguette’s modern vibe and the way it pairs with gems in organic shapes. “It’s a diamond, but it’s not obnoxious,” she says. “You can put it in a geometric design, but my designs are not completely geometric. They’ve got a little bit of everything, and that’s how I am. A little art deco, a little contemporary.”

Suzanne Kalan baguette cut diamond earrings
18k white gold earrings with 3.03 cts. t.w. baguette-cut diamonds and 1.86 cts. t.w. round diamonds, $17,200

When she began working with the cut, many designers were too scared to use it.

“Most people would get stuck with parcels of baguettes,” Kalandjian says. “If you asked a jeweler about baguettes 10 years ago, they’d tell you the same thing: ‘We don’t want to use them because we’d be stuck with a lot of diamonds.’”

Kalandjian distinguished herself by scattering the style as opposed to lining it up the way most jewelers did during the deco period.

Suzanne Kalan emerald and diamond baguette ring
18k yellow gold ring with 3.75 ct. emerald and 3.1 cts. t.w. baguette-cut diamonds, $23,000

“I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and said, ‘It’s the best idea, because we’re not stuck with baguettes anymore.’ A diamond dealer in Hong Kong said to me, ‘My boss said to thank you. We were stuck with 3,000 carats of baguettes for years, and we got rid of them.’”

“I didn’t invent baguettes,” she says. “It’s the way we use them.”

Top: Fireworks earrings in 18k yellow gold with 3.03 cts t.w. emeralds and 1.5 cts. t.w. baguette-cut diamonds, $18,000 (all photos courtesy of Suzanne Kalan)

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