Sutra’s Ruby Earrings Are the Epitome of Christmas Luxury

Sutra ruby flower drop earrings

Ah, I can picture it now. A roaring fire, the most magnificent Christmas tree, glowing with white lights and sparkling with the richest of ornaments. Sitting in the center of the room is an impeccably dressed woman—okay, this is my fantasy, so it’s me—I’m wearing a stunning, glittering gown, gifted to me by surprise, the way I’ve seen it happen in my favorite James Bond movies. Presents swell all around my feet, and somehow our cat has learned to deliver them to me, his sleigh-bell collar making the most joyous of noises on his journey across an expansively large, yet cozy, room. In my ears are the perfect pair of earrings—the mega-statement kind that steal any scene, even the perfectly festive one I’m painting right now.

Earth to Britt! Sorry, were my eyes glazing over? The only part of this ridiculous fantasy that exists (well, except my cat) are these earrings from Sutra, and they’re just the most sensational vision of Christmas. The poinsettia-like pair are composed of 42 cts. of rubies, piled in pointed layers and glowing with rose-cut diamonds. They’re a vision year-round, but as this be the eve of Christmas, I couldn’t imagine a better pair to epitomize the holiday (and as you have witnessed, I have quite the imagination). Retailing for $30,000, the earrings are realistically more apt to end up on the ears of someone who is somewhere living my fantasy, but I’m still holding out hope that Santa reads this before he takes off on his worldwide journey. Visions of sugarplums? More like visions of Sutra, know what I mean?

Wishing you a warm and happy holiday, and may all of your wildest wishes come true!