Suspect in Murder of Campbell Bridges Arrested in Nairobi

A man suspected of the murder of Campbell Bridges and the attack on his son, Bruce and four colleagues was arrested in Nairobi late Monday afternoon, according to an ICA press release.

Sources close to the Bridges family reported that a member of the Bridges’ private security force apprehended Daniel M. Mnene, commonly known as Suleiman, and held him until police arrived to arrest him. Records indicate that Mnene was booked at the Central Police Station in Nairobi.

Mnene is allegedly behind the illegal mining and attempted takeover of the Bridges’ mining concessions.

The security officer who notified police was a witness to the murder of Campbell Bridges and was brutally beaten and stabbed by the mob that murdered Bridges on August 11, 2009 in Taita Taveta District in Tsavo National Park. He reportedly accompanied police to the station to document the arrest of the alleged suspect.

Details on the charges filed against Mnene are not yet available.