Survey: ‘Blood Diamond’ Movie has Minor Impact on Consumer Behavior

The Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, a division of MVI Marketing Ltd., recently did a study to measure the impact of “Blood Diamond” on the jewelry industry.

Preliminary polling of more than 2,900 JCOC consumer panel members reveals 11 percent of movie-goers saw the Blood Diamond movie on its debut weekend. Of those respondents who saw it, 50 percent considered it very good, and 31 percent believe it is a possible Academy Award winner. More than two-thirds of those who watched were impressed with Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance.

Among those JCOC panelist who saw the Blood Diamond movie this past weekend, nearly 60 percent indicated it did not affect their opinion of the diamond industry and 64 percent understand that the diamond industry has safeguards in place to prevent the sale of conflict diamonds in the consumer market.

Two-thirds of the respondents believe this movie will not have an impact on their willingness to purchase diamond jewelry. Nearly three-quarters of those who saw the movie say their Holiday diamond jewelry purchasing plans will not be affected by seeing this film.