Supplier News: Week of May 5

Martha Seely Gold and Silver Sequence Collection Will Debut at JCK Las Vegas

Martha Seely Sequence collection braceletMassachusetts-based Martha Seely Modern Jewelry is set to unveil its new Sequence collection at JCK Las Vegas from May 30 to June 2.

The abstract line, inspired by spirals and swirls, features pieces made from 14k gold and palladium silver. Seely’s experience as a costumer designer has somewhat shaped the Sequence collection, which includes textures that complement women’s wear.

“While the Sequence collection is influenced by the patterns and textures I see around me in buildings and the natural world, my work is not traditionally nature-inspired or architectural,” said owner Martha Seely in a press release. “Instead, my designs have a modern abstract sensibility, reflecting my Scandinavian heritage—with a subtle touch of fun that’s uniquely American.”

Visit for more information on the Sequence collection.


Kameleon Jewelry’s KarmaPops Are a Philanthropic Success for Thailand

JewelPop’s popular Kameleon Jewelry line achieved lucrative success throughout 2013 with its charitable KarmaPops series.

For each KarmaPop sold, five dollars were donated to Karen Learning and Education Opportunities (KLEO), a charity that aids young Karen people of Northern Thailand facing economic, social, and language barriers. Thanks to the support of retailers and customers, the KarmaPop collection has raised $76,395.

“I am never surprised by the passion and enthusiasm shown by our Kameleon retailers. We are proud to be able to work, day to day, with some of the best people in the business. They continue to impress me each day in their role as advocates of our brands,” said JewelPop president Robert Smith. “With the KarmaPop initiative, however, I am not only impressed, but completely humbled by the support that we’ve received. Retailers have gotten behind this program, and it has proven extremely successful. We are seeing, through our close relationship with the KLEO organization, exactly where those dollars are making a huge difference in people’s lives.”

With the funds, JewelPop and KLEO have been able to build new dormitories in refugee camps, install new toilets and donate food and clothing. 

For more information on JewelPop, go to


Ross Metals Will Introduce Karina Ariana Jewelry at JCK Las Vegas

New York’s largest gold refining company Ross Metals is now the exclusive distributor of the new luxury and mid-range jewelry line Karina Ariana. The collection will be unveiled at JCK Las Vegas, booth B2147.

Karina Ariana Jewelry features fine sterling silver with a high-polished rhodium finish, 18k rose, and yellow vermeil and AAA- quality cubic zirconia. According to a press release, the eponymous collection is inspired by the designer’s world travels, and her pieces encapsulate the unique styles and personalities of modern women.

David Freed recently joined the brand as the executive director of marketing and sales, national accounts manager and national sales manager. Previously, he served as the director of marketing/sales at Rand and Paseka and has been a jewelry designer and jeweler for more than 35 years.

Preview the collection on JCK Marketplace.

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