Supplier News: Week of March 17

White Pine Jewelry Solutions to Host Sales Event

Recycled diamond company White Pine Jewelry Solutions is set to host its second Finished Jewelry and Watch Sales Event at its New York City offices March 17–19.

This three-day spectacular will display diamonds, colored stone jewelry, and antique and estate pieces for buy-now prices to spur a competitive bidding environment among buyers and sellers. The event will also provide guests with watch inventories from manufacturers’ closeouts, returns, and consumers.

“As with our successful premier event last fall, this sale will give bidders the opportunity to acquire competitively valued goods that are not actively promoted in the market at prices that may provide for high margins on resale,” said Michael Lebowitz, White Pine’s director of jewelry, in a press release. “Additionally, in contrast to traditional, time-consuming, single-lot auctions, this model is believed to save time and money for dealers and retailers looking to purchase a sufficient amount of product at one event.”

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Cooksongold and A3DM Technologies to Create 3-D Printing of Precious Metals

During the MJSA Expo in New York, U.K.-based precious metals supplier Cooksongold announced its new partnership with A3DM Technologies as the two pursue creating precious metals from 3-D printing.

“With reliable and consistent precious metal powders now available from Cooksongold, we are at the advent of a new era in providing direct digital manufacture of 3-D precious metal products,” said Steven Adler, president of A3DM, in a press release.

Cooksongold is in the process of launching an M 080 direct metal laser sintering machine as well as a selection of precious metal powders with additive manufacturing equipment company EOS.

“The Cooksongold-EOS development of a turnkey solution for direct printing of precious metals will enable designers to produce unique luxury products unconstrained by conventional production techniques,” Adler added.

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The Edge Retail Academy Announces New Inventory Program

The Nevada-based Edge Retail Academy unveiled its new “Health Insurance for Your Inventory” to help jewelry retailers boost the profitability of their inventory.

For jewelry retailers struggling to get out of an aging inventory rut, merchandising expert Sally Furrer will provide one-on-one assistance on a per-project basis and offer a quote for improving the health of the client’s inventory.

“You go to a doctor for general complaints,” said David Brown, founder of the Edge Retail Academy in a press release. “But for specific problems, you rely on a specialist. When it comes to inventory and merchandising, Sally Furrer is that specialist.”

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Gemvision to Retire Revo540CX Milling System

Jewelry technology company Gemvision announced plans to discontinue its Revo540CX milling system in order to deliver more updated tools for jewelry retailers. 

Introduced in 2003 as an “ideal turnkey solution for manufacturing jewelers,” the Revo540CX was created as a complement to the Matrix CAD. Gemvision cited its ease-of-use and simple integration as noteworthy benefits for jewelers. However, as Jeff High, the company’s president and Stuller’s chief merchandising officer, explained in a press release, Gemvision seeks to offer its clients optimum value as the industry continues to evolve.

“We will be concentrating Gemvision’s design and development efforts on providing tools and services that create a unique customer experience for retailers around the world,” he said. “This allows jewelers to focus on what that same customer will demand next year, five years from now and beyond.”

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Wideband Jewelry Releases Two New Catalogs

Wideband Jewelry new catalogNew York–based Wideband Jewelry released two new catalogs that feature its collection of American and international coins as well as Pavé Themes jewelry.

The first new catalog for the company in five years includes an assortment of jewels for both women and men. The Pavé Themes Diamond Charms & Pendants collection is composed of 14k and 18k yellow and white gold miniature sculptures that can be worn on a bracelet or as a pendant.

Wideband also highlights its unique personalized jewelry collection, which features the company’s exclusive carved gold and silver sticks to slide beads and wheels onto its customized pieces. This collection also includes elegant, hand-carved rings in 14k and 18k gold of all colors as well as initial pendants to add an even more personalized charm to its jewelry.

In addition to this catalog, Wideband is introducing its self-proclaimed “most glamorous Coin Jewelry Collection catalog.” The 96-page directory features its Diamondback Collection, an 18k gold and diamond line that includes reversible coin jewelry pendants from around the world. 

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