Supplier News: Week of June 2

Forevermark Diamonds Announces New Promise Campaign at JCK Las Vegas

The De Beers Group’s diamond brand Forevermark revealed its new Promise campaign on Thursday, May 29, at JCK Las Vegas.

Set to debut nationally on television, social media, and in print in the fourth quarter, the Promise campaign aims to inspire people to restore their faith in promises with a Forevermark diamond.

“Forevermark diamonds come with their own promise that they are beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced, making them the ideal way to express our promises to one another,” said Charles Stanley, president of Forevermark, in a press release. “The campaign will connect emotionally with our consumers and reinforce the fact that Forevermark is a diamond brand available in any piece of jewelry, creating a demand for a broader range of pieces featuring Forevermark diamonds.”

The Promise campaign showcases the Forevermark diamond in classic, diamond-centric designs such as four-prong solitaire and three-stone round rings, round ear studs, eternity bands, line bracelets, and the Center of My Universe round pendant and ring.

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House of Waris Introduces Expanded Collection at JCK Las Vegas

On Wednesday, May 28, jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia announced his expanded House of Waris for Forevermark collection during a private reception hosted by the De Beers Group at JCK Las Vegas.

Since its debut in October 2013, the House of Waris for Forevermark collection has expanded to 20 pieces and four design collections: Drop, Lantern, Compass, and Southern Star. Each collection is inspired by Ahluwalia’s trip to the De Beers Group’s locations in South Africa and Botswana, where he learned how Forevermark diamonds benefit the communities from which they originate.

The House of Waris for Forevermark collection will be sold and manufactured exclusively by Forevermark manufacturer H.J. Namdar.

Further information about House of Waris and Forevermark can be found at and

Tecno Display Unveils New Glass Showcase

Tecno Display new glass showcase 2014Display case manufacturer Tecno Display recently introduced its GL144 six-sided wall showcase.

The 77-inch-by-47.5-inch, preassembled tempered-glass showcase comes in brushed silver laminate with a silver anodized frame. Its glass-shelving feature is fully adjustable, while its hinged doors are lockable. To illuminate its interior, halogen and LED top lighting are available on the company’s website, as are standard and custom finished cabinets.

The GL144 showcase has a starting price of $2,850.

Get a closer look at the display at


The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts Offers CAD Classes

From September 1-5, 2014, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts will offer a beginner’s JH emerald-cut ringCAD class as part of its summer/fall 2014 open session.

The five-day program will introduce students to the basic tools and functions of well-known jewelry CAD program 3DESIGN. They learn how to design original pieces and create photorealistic images for website displays, catalogs, and portfolios.

Vasken Tanielian, who has spent his career as a fine jeweler, designer, and educator, will teach the class. According to a press release, Tanielian is “one of the few classically trained goldsmiths who is also expert at CAD-CAM.”

While students must provide their own laptop, their materials kit fee will include one castable printed model created from the student’s CAD file as well as a student license for 3DESIGN CAD. The license can be renewed for three additional months at no cost to students who sign up for the advanced CAD class in spring 2015.

For more information on the CAD class, go to


RapNet Diamond Trading Network Will Provide Imagery for Sarine Technologies

The Rapaport Group’s RapNet Diamond Trading Network Web-based platform has been improved to  provide Sarine Technologies loupe imagery on polished diamonds showcased for sale on its website.

Thanks to a new feature on RapNet’s user interface, after a diamond is scanned at the Sarine service center or on-site by a retailer, the new Sarine loupe imagery can be viewed in various settings. The visualization levels include: table-view image, impression mode, and inspection mode, all of which utilize static and video imagery as well as manual rotation to view diamonds from different angles. 

“This integration of Sarine’s new imaging technology on the RapNet Diamond Trading Network will make it possible for buyers to see diamonds over the Internet,” said Martin Rapaport, chairman of the Rapaport Group, in a press release. “It will significantly improve transparency and efficiency in the diamond trade as it enables buyers and sellers across the world to transact diamonds online with greater assurance of quality.”

Details about the Rapaport Group’s services and Sarine Technologies’ diamond and gemstone measuring systems are available at and

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