Supplier News: Week of July 16


ePraisal Releases eCS Diamond Chooser App



ePraisal’s newly-released mobile app, eCS Diamond Chooser, allows jewelers to determine a

diamond’s measurements through a “cut grade” system, similar to the one used in gem labs. The score will apply to any common diamond shape and judges the diamond’s cut quality through its shape, cutting style, width, depth, and measured weight. The application is now available for Apple and Android products in their respective application stores. 

To get this app, scan the QR codes above or visit the Android or Apple app store.



Novo showcase

Novo Showcases Unveils Curved Counter Showcase

Novo Showcases unveiled its Sweeping Curved Counter Showcase, a modern and sleek addition to the collection. It includes two lockable slide-out trays, LED rear lighting, and four beautifully crafted metal legs. The tempered-glass jewelry merchandise display is 45 inches tall and 46.25 inches wide and is delivered to retail stores already assembled.


Visit JCK Marketplace for showcases from Novo and more.


Retail Jewelers Overstock Launches Website

Retail Jewelers Overstock recently launched an e-commerce website that will allow jewelry retailers to buy or sell jewelry at discounted prices. The website lists the inventory of top designers and basic inventory sent to the program by retail jewelers. The program is open to all jewelers to sell their inventory, and is a facilitator for sellers and buyers.

“There is over $2 billion in excess inventory sitting in retailers’ cases,” founder Jeff Unger said. “This program is a way to move old inventory. What’s dead inventory in one market is a hot seller in another market.”

Retail Jewelers Overstock, a division of B&N Jewelry, was launched in 2011 by Unger as a consignment program to help retailers move excess and old inventory.

Visit to participate, and call 800-358-6223 for more information on submitting inventory.  

Additional reporting by Anita Ferrer