Supplier News: Week of Feb. 24

GN Diamond’s new tech offering

GN Diamond to Offer Virtual Reality Tool

Philadelphia-based GN Diamond has announced the GN Diamond Virtual Reality Experience, a virtual storytelling tool that may be accessed through an upcoming app, with or without a virtual reality—or VR—headset.

Over the last 18 months, the diamond company has taken on a large loose inventory of GIA, AGS, and EGL USA diamonds, and has reportedly surveyed over 3,500 of its customers to gain an understanding of jeweler pain points (profile erosion, loss of sales to the internet, competition from big-box retailers) as well as those of consumers (dislike of the jeweler’s loupe, concern about overpaying, lack of product knowledge). In response, the dealer is working with Sarine Technology to measure its diamond inventory, listing each certification, light performance, 3-D loupe, cut and craftmanship, and ID inscription through its VR app, which will be available for smartphone, laptop, or tablet device.

The app is promised in the “near future,” and more information can be found at

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