Supplier News: Week of Dec. 1

Rembrandt Charms Employees Help Community Members Affected by Snowstorm

Rembrandt Charms staff help with Buffalo clean upWhen parts of Buffalo, N.Y., were buried under six feet of snow in mid-November, Rembrandt Charms employees in nearby Williamsville stepped up to help community members affected by the snowstorm.

Employees cross-country skied and rode snowmobiles to areas hit hard by the storm, offering food and water, and shoveling driveways and clearing roofs.

“As a company we wanted to help our friends, our family, and our neighbors,” said Eric Lux, vice president of Rembrandt Charms. “Buffalo, New York, is about being the city of good neighbors, it’s about people helping people.”

Rembrandt Charms staffer snowmobiling to hard-hit areas to offer help

The team also kept the business open to ensure all orders would arrive on time to customers.

 “We are glad everyone is safe, and we are truly blessed to have such an incredible and caring staff,” Lux said.

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Sarine Loupe Service Center Opens in New York

Sarine North America announced the opening of a service center for Sarine Loupe diamond imaging at its offices in New York City’s Diamond District.

The service center allows diamond wholesalers to have their polished diamonds scanned on-site and then send links to the scanned images to potential customers.

“Sarine’s technological leadership allows us to offer the diamond industry a more efficient way to trade diamonds,” said Ohad Axelrod, Sarine North America’s general manager. “We believe the Sarine Loupe [technology] fully meets today’s need for a more efficient way to buy and sell diamonds, cutting costs and reducing risk. Retailers downstream will benefit from this new technology, which guarantees transparency and increases their confidence when buying diamonds, while at the same time enhancing the online or in-store experience they can offer to their public.”

A special launch discount will be available through March 31, 2015.

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Corinne Jewelers Sells $170,000 Pink Diamond

Corinne Jewelers of Toms River, N.J., marked its 50th year in business with another milestone this month—the $170,000 sale of a 1.64 ct. pink diamond. Corinne’s master jewelers are currently custom-designing a setting for the gemstone.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime sale, and it was certainly the biggest sale in our history,” said Ryan Blumenthal, owner of Corinne Jewelers. “It was a thrill to sell that diamond and to work with the extraordinary clients who purchased it. Now we have the added pleasure of creating the perfect setting for it. What a way to cap off our 50th anniversary year!”

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Mikimoto and the Asian Cultural Council Collaborate for Holiday Window Installation

Mikimoto has partnered with the Asian Cultural Council to create a special holiday window installation for the luxury pearl company’s Fifth Avenue flagship boutique.

The installation, “Paradise Interrupted: Disintegration,” was created by artist and ACC grantee Jennifer Wen Ma, whose portfolio includes creating the visual and special effects during the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Ma took her inspiration for the display from her own contemporary opera installation, Paradise Interrupted.

The Mikimoto installation features a black garden made of paper, semitransparent weathered mirrors, and a small window vignette with a digital projection of fireflies.

The installation is a part of a larger partnership between Mikimoto and the ACC, which awards grants to artists and scholars.

“Mikimoto is dedicated to supporting the arts and specifically the needs of burgeoning artists,” said Meyer Hoffman, chief operating officer of Mikimoto. “Our legacy, built on the company’s founder Kokichi Mikimoto, has always been the creation of fine works of artistry and craftsmanship. We’re excited at the opportunity to provide a platform for this community and look forward to continuing this special relationship with the ACC.”

The installation is on view through mid-January.

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LoveGold Introduces Digital Campaign

Gold jewelry aggregating site LoveGold has launched a digital holiday campaign focused on the idea of giving or sharing meaningful gold jewelry pieces that will be passed down as treasured heirlooms.

The Future Heirlooms campaign, which will be featured on and its social channels, will include stories from digital and style influencers, jewelry designers, and celebrities who will highlight a piece of gold jewelry that they have received or one that they wish to give or receive this holiday season.

“The crux of the campaign is really about the emotional connection that people have with a particular piece of gold jewelry, which was given either by a person meaningful in their lives or for a special occasion,” said Sally Morrison, managing director of marketing and jewellery at the World Gold Council. It’s about using that idea to inspire a whole new conversation about the heirlooms of the future.”

LoveGold is also encouraging people to share their own Future Heirloom stories and pieces via social media by using the tags @lovegoldlive, #LoveGold, and #FutureHeirlooms. These stories will then be collected on through the end of the year.

See featured stories in the Future Heirloom campaign here.

TGS Jewelers Unveils New Website and Program for Jewelry Retailers 

Diamond wedding band manufacturer and designer TGS Jewelers has announced the launch of its new website, as well as its exclusive website program for jewelry retailers.

The company’s new website acts as a digital catalog, allowing retailers to quickly and easily view TGS products alongside their customers. The site is also customizable for individual merchants, who can replace the TGS Jewelers logo with their own and apply a specified markup to all the rings on the site, making an extension of their own product lines. 

Through the exclusive website program, retailers can also receive individual websites with unique URLs. The sites will mirror and feature the company’s complete line of wedding bands. 

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