Supplier News: Week of April 1

Legor Group Announces Innovative Product Lines

As more restrictive limits constrain the use of nickel in white gold alloys and in finished jewelry sold on European soil, suppliers have been adapting their production chains to comply with the latest standards. Legor Group has announced three new product lines in compliance with the regulations: NI1811, NI1811-RH (patent pending), and Proderma.

NI1811 ensures compliance with the regulation at a limited cost, feasible for standardized production processes with a safety level equal to 90 percent, and is being carefully monitored by the firm. NI1811-RH brings the new line a step forward by adding rhodium as an alloying element, offering a 99.9 percent chance of compliance with the new standards. The alloy can be used in complex production processes that are difficult to standardize. Finally, Proderma is Legor Group’s nickel-free line, which guarantees nickel release values equal to zero in case minimum standardization in the production process is not possible.

“We are very confident about the performance of our NI1811 and NI1811-RH lines,” Legor Group CEO Massimo Poliero said in a statement. “To confirm our commitment to the jewelry manufacturers concretely, we offer six months of free nickel release analysis in our lab for these alloys.”

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Natural Color Diamond Association to Host Seminars at AGC Conclave

Tom GelbThe Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is set to host the educational program at the American Gem Society Conclave on April 26 and 27 with two interactive presentations by its director of education, Tom Gelb. In the Identification of Diamond Treatments and Synthetics seminar, attendees will have the chance to look through microscopes and see what some common treatments and synthetic diamonds look like.

Gelb, who has 20 years of experience in the diamond industry, has evaluated some of the world’s most important stones, including the Hope Diamond. After an extensive career working with the Gemological Institute of America and later managing the grading laboratory at Harry Winston, he founded Gelb Gemological Consulting, which provides gemological and business consulting to both the diamond trade and the public.

“We’re really excited about sponsoring Tom’s seminars at AGS,” Jeff Post, NCDIA president, said in a press release. “Our association’s role is promoting natural color diamonds, which is why it’s important for retailers to be able to distinguish natural from treated or synthetics. We feel that the information Tom will provide is going to give retailers confidence in discussing this important distinction with their customers.”

Gelb will be speaking Friday, April 26 from 3-5 p.m., and Saturday, April 27 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Class space is limited. For more information, contact Gino DiGeso at

Kameleon raises thousands with its Poppin’ for the Cure campaign

Kameleon Jewelry announced successful results for its 2012 Poppin’ for the Cure campaign, an annual fight against Pink Ribbon JewelPopbreast cancer that donates portions from the sale of Pink Ribbon JewelPops to the cause.

During the month of October, stores throughout North America have participated in the campaign, with a preset package of JewelPops from Kameleon, including a special Pink Ribbon JewelPop compact case that’s offered as a gift with purchase. The last campaign featured five styles of Pink Ribbon JewelPops, including a new release, and the announcement that Kameleon would double its donation from $1 to $2 per JewelPop sale. The total raised from sales for the 2012 campaign was $5,056. The company also added to its donation total with a little help from the Facebook community, donating $1 for every new Like on the brand’s page. The result: $1,408 in Facebook Likes. A grand total of $6,464 was donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

“We are very proud every year of the work our retailers put in to help promote the Pink Ribbon JewelPops,” Kameleon Jewelry creator and president Robert Smith said in a press release. “Their enthusiasm is what makes this campaign a success year after year. This disease is one that touches so many families, we are happy that we are able to help raise awareness and much needed funds. Kameleon Jewelry will continue Poppin’ for the Cure for many years to come.”

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