Supplier News: Week of June 22

Veer Publishes Sales Training Book: Comfort Zone Correction

Veer, a New York–based diamond company, has announced that it has published a new book containing true stories from the trade about sales strategy. Comfort Zone Correction: Unfiltered True Stories in Successful Selling, written by Emily Horabik, depicts more than 25 encounters, strategies, and thought processes that intend to help readers win customers and create growth—not just in the jewelry industry, but in any industry.

The book’s description reads as follows:

“Comfort Zone Correction: Unfiltered True Stories In Successful Selling captures Mr. Brown’s [the author’s mentor] real-life anecdotes. These business principles are only found through personal encounters in the academy of real life. She documents his hustle, humorous spirit, and captures what being an entrepreneur truly means. You need to continuously adapt, roll with the punches, and recognize that every challenge presents an opportunity. Look at your new normal from a solution driven perspective and the Wrap-Up Lessons at the end of every chapter will soon become your sales secrets.”

The book is available to purchase in paperback for $14.99 or on Kindle for $4.99 on Amazon, and KindleUnlimited users can read it for free.

For more information, visit the book’s page on Amazon and

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