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Supplier News: Week of July 5


NAJA Announces New Seminar Series…

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) announced it will hold its second Business Development seminar series for members and nonmembers to livestream from their homes.

The series, which costs $25 for NAJA members and $50 for nonmembers, will run on July 10, with four webinars scheduled from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Each presentation will focus on a key aspect of establishing and succeeding in the appraisal profession.

“The overwhelming interest in the first seminar, held in May, has inspired the NAJA to organize this equally impressive program,” said NAJA executive director Gail Brett Levine in a statement. “This seminar is specifically designed to provide practical insights about how to grow and run a professional appraisal business.”

The webinars will run as follows:

12 p.m. Appraising Beyond Insurance Replacement, with Martin Fuller. In this presentation, Fuller will explore the areas of appraisal work and valuation services beyond insurance assignments, like valuing museum collections, assisting with pre- and post-sale consultations, conducting inventory appraisals for financial institutions, and reviewing documents for litigation support.

1 p.m. Forming Rewarding Relationships: How to Work With Colleagues and Authenticators, with Jill Burgum and Stuart Robertson. In this seminar, Burgum and Robertson will recount real-life examples that highlight useful strategies for seeking and obtaining assistance with an assignment, and offer helpful points on knowing when to reach out for help on an assignment and when to decline one. Attendees will learn about etiquette and expectations when it comes to approaching peers for assistance.

2 p.m. Developing Your Professional Focus: Appraisals, Insurance Law, and the Jewelry Appraiser, with Steven Pollack, Esq. In this seminar, Pollack will discuss how insurers handle losses under homeowner insurance policies and inform jewelry appraisers when to use replacement cost value versus actual cash value.

3 p.m. Working With the Public: Appointments, Travel, Office, and $$$$, with Sherlene Bradbury. The final seminar of the day, hosted by Bradbury, will highlight the many aspects of setting up an office and preparing for business, including appointment making, when to travel to a client’s home, and fee collecting.

For more information on the seminar hosts and on how to attend, visit

GCAL Receives Gem Identification Verification Provider Accreditation…

The Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) has announced it received the first Certificate of Accreditation for Gem Identification Verification Provider from SCS Global Services. The accreditation supports the origin traceability requirements of the SCS-007 Sustainability Rated Diamond Program for qualifying accredited sources of certified diamonds.

All SCS-007 certified diamonds grated, scanned, and laser-inscribed by GCAL can now carry the approved Sustainability Rated claim, a standard that establishes a benchmark of sustainability accountability, transparency, and provenance assurance for the diamond industry, with comprehensive environmental, social, and governance provisions along with climate neutral and other net-zero milestones.

“SCS, and the committee members, have all been working incredibly hard, under intense pressure, on this process for the past 18 months,” said GCAL chief operating office Angelo Palmieri in a statement. “I’m proud to be part of this SCS effort, and particularly proud to say that GCAL is the first gem lab in the world to earn the SCS Certificate of Accreditation.”

For more information about GCAL or its Certificate of Accreditation, visit

Top: Presenters at NAJA’s second Business Development seminar (clockwise from top left) Sherlene Bradbury, Jill Burgum, Stuart Robertson, Steven Pollack, and Martin Fuller

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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