Supplier News: Week of Jan. 25

Fire Polish Diamonds Rebrands With the Name Facets of Fire Diamonds

Fire Polish Diamonds has announced it’s changing its name to Facets of Fire Diamonds. As part of this rebranding, Facets of Fire is introducing a collection that features an innovative diamond cutting technique.

“We’re thrilled to bring such a highly anticipated diamond to the market,” said president and CEO Glenn Markman, in a statement. “We’re unveiling our new brand identity, evolving Fire Polish to Facets of Fire, to further strengthen our breakthrough positioning for this unique product. With our beautiful new designs throughout the collection, more dramatic storytelling to capture the imagination of buyers, and an enriched marketing and communications plan, consumers will never look at diamonds the same way again.”

Recognized by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society as an advanced diamond cutting technique, Facets of Fire diamonds are etched with thousands of invisible nano-prisms onto the pavilion of a natural diamond (it’s described as “facets within facets”), releasing bursts of color in the light. “Seeing really is believing,” said chief operations officer Robert Goldstein in the same statement. “There is no need for anyone to use special viewing devices to help differentiate a Facets of Fire diamond. Its burst of color and fire easily can be seen with the naked eye.”

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Plumb Club Debuts New Website

TPC website homepageThe Plumb Club recently debuted a brand-new website, complete with a more modern and up-to-date design featuring a stronger representation of the Plumb Club brand and its member companies. Several enhancements have been made to the site as well, making it easier for users to navigate the site and find the information they’re looking for.

A streamlined navigation bar—which includes a dedicated tab for companies wishing to apply for Plumb Club membership—offers a more intuitive browsing experience, while a redesigned search bar allows retailers to explore Plumb Club members based on a wider variety of search factors. Individual member pages offer details such as product categories and collections, contact information, social media accounts, and member news, all on one page.

Updated Events, Resources, Trends, and News pages have been designed to be more engaging and organized, and a prominent newsletter sign-up function lets industry members who wish to stay up-to-date on the latest news do so simply and quickly. Finally, a Featured bar with images on all internal pages provides key content and important information to encourage exploration of the site.

“Our current website has performed significantly well over the past year,” said marketing director Michael O’Connor in a statement. “Our consistently new offerings of retail educational materials spanning trend and research stories, product information, news, and podcasts, combined with the integration of many of our other initiatives, has resulted in a 13.2% increase this year on our already robust user traffic. We are also seeing a more consistent monthly traffic flow, and significant increases in page views and session duration. We are confident that the new site and the information that we will be providing throughout 2021 will augment that significantly and help connect our members with more retailers than ever.”

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GSI Offering New Lab-Grown Screening and Detection Service

Gemological Science International (GSI) has announced its new screening and detection service for lab-grown diamond jewelry. The service stems from GSI’s discovery that there’s an emerging pattern of undisclosed natural diamond melee mixed with lab-grown diamonds in jewelry.

“During our routine grading process for laboratory-grown diamond jewelry, our team of experts have come across natural diamond melee mixed into lab-grown diamond jewelry,” said president and cofounder Debbie Azar in a statement. “Laboratory-grown diamond jewelry with ‘undisclosed’ natural diamonds is a new occurrence that we are starting to see with more frequency in our laboratories globally.”

Azar added, “As the only laboratory with the capacity to offer large volume screening and testing globally, we feel it is our responsibility to help the industry address this issue, and for that reason GSI has expanded our jewelry screening and detection services to include lab-grown diamond jewelry. It is absolutely necessary for retailers to have a process in place to ensure everything they are selling is accurately represented to the consumer.”

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(Top image via Facets of Fire)

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