Supergems Group donates $100,000 to GIA

Supergems Group continues its philanthropic tradition with a gift of $100,000 to the Gemological Institute of America’s Endowment for Education in India. The contribution will support the Institute’s learning center in Mumbai.

In recognition of its generous contribution, the Institute will induct Supergems CEO Rajesh Mehta into its esteemed League of Honor Sept. 19, during GIA’s annual dinner in New York.

This is not the first time Mehta has contributed to a good cause. A few years ago, he supported the Saurashtra Jal Dhara Project, a program that teaches villagers how to manage rainwater resources for agricultural purposes. It was organized in collaboration with the state government of Gujarat, India.

Supergems Group has an extensive history in the Indian jewelry industry. In 1915, Mehta’s great-grandfather established the Mumbai-based company—then named Mohanlal Raichand. It continued under this name, with both Mehta’s grandfather and father running the business during their lifetimes. Rajesh joined the company in 1967 and later opened Supergems NV, an Antwerp-based branch, in 1972. The Diamond Trading Company designated the company as a sightholder the same year. Today, all company divisions operate under the auspices of Supergems Group.

The company also has offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Despite the company’s accomplishments, Mehta still has plans for the future of Supergems Group,

For more information about how to contribute to the GIA Endowment Fund, contact Jerry Buckley, director of GIA Development, at, or 760-603-4188.