Sundance Opens Testing Center in Israel

Sundance Diamonds, a high pressure high temperature diamond processing company, has opened a diamond testing service in the Brink’s office of the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel.

At no charge to the trade, the testing will indicate if HPHT processing can increase the value of a diamond to a colorless, near colorless, or fancy pink, yellow, or orange color.

The testing facility, located in the Maccabi Building of the Exchange, is by appointment only. It is the second Sundance testing facility opened this year. The first one opened in January 2008, in New York City. Sundance representatives, Jim Littman, director of business, and Carlos Cornejo, customer manager, will host the office, which is slated to open Oct. 30. All bourse members are invited to attend.

All HPHT processing is done at Sundance Diamonds headquarters in Orem, Utah. The company said it is able to improve the color/value of most low-color higher clarity (VS and above) diamonds. Natural brown and cape diamonds can be permanently transformed into a variety of colors from colorless to Fancy Intense yellow, pink, and green.