Here Comes the Sun (Jewelry)

An obsession with the celestial is nearly as old as time. Civilizations before us worshiped sun gods and goddesses—many still do—and looked to the stars to create stories and lend wisdom (and, again, many still do—if you like to read your horoscope, you do, too).

Ileana Makri blue sun earrings
Blue Sun earrings in 18k yellow gold with 0.67 ct. t.w. opal and turquoise, $1,035; Ileana Makri

The stars and moon are incredibly strong icons in jewelry, favored by consumers worldwide and serving as steadfast best sellers. In an uncertain time like this, not only do we look to the stars—either for guidance or in wonder, or simply to zone out—but we like to keep them close to our bodies, in talismanic jewelry.

Sydney Evan Happy Face sun bracelet
Happy Face sun bracelet in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, $905; Sydney Evan

Yes, we’ve been mooning over celestial jewelry for ages, and now, demand for the planetary persuasion is higher than ever.

Lord Jewelry sun moon earrings
Sun and moon earrings in 18k yellow gold with enamel, 6.0 cts. t.w. cabochon moonstone, and 0.5 ct. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Lord Jewelry

But this isn’t a post about the stars. Or, in fact, it is, since we’re talking about the biggest, most powerful star near us, the center of our solar system: the sun.

Jenny Dee Electra Maxima ring
Electra Maxima ring in 18k yellow gold with 1.6 ct. amethyst and 0.22 ct. t.w. tsavorites, $2,200; Jenny Dee
Arman Sarkisyan Sunburst bangle
Sunburst bangle in 22k yellow gold and oxidized silver with opal and diamonds, $12,500; Arman Sarkisyan

“Here comes the sun,” sing the Beatles, in a song about hope and a new day. It’s a sentiment we can take into 2021, not necessarily knowing, but certainly hoping, that things will be better. The sun warms us and signals that dawn is breaking, making an entrance by casting colors across the sky, and doing the same upon its exit at sunset.

Lydia Courteille sun earrings
Marie Antoinette Dark Side earrings in 18k yellow gold and titanium with aquamarine and sapphires, price on request; Lydia Courteille

I’ve worn a single sun earring for over a year now. A sweet little sunrise crafted by IO Collective, purchased after my daughter uttered one of her first words: sun. It meant something to me then, but its symbolism seems to mean even more now.

Karma El Khalil sun necklace
Necklace in 18k yellow gold with lapis and diamonds, price on request; Karma El Khalil
Sun earrings in sterling silver with choice of sand or natural elements (pictured with sand from Big Crooked Lake, Mich.), $168; Dune Jewelry

On the whole, I think consumers will chase the stars more than they will seek the sun, but I absolutely believe that this bright presence will gain its fair following as we near 2021, and even more so throughout the winter, when we’re missing the bright warmth of a summer’s day.

Jen Volkodav sun moon ring
One-of-a-kind “Live in the sun, love by the moon” ring in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold with sunstone and moonstone, $2,399; Jen Volkodav
Pamela Love sun earring
Irissa sun earring in 14k yellow gold with opal, $350; Pamela Love

So sit back, relax, and catch some rays.

Top: Seaside medallion pendant in 18k yellow gold with paraiba tourmaline, turquoise, and sapphire, $3,400; Nouvel Heritage

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