Stuller Releases Color Stories 2009

Stuller, Inc. has released Color Stories 2009, a color trends book that highlights the manufacturer’s “color centric” approach to selling gemstones.

“As a member of the American Gem Trade Association, we encourage the use of fine jewelry with gemstones as a fashion accessory,” says Harold Dupuy, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing. “Aimed at the female self-purchaser, this book connects color as a form of expression with jewelry.” 

The book shows retailers the important and potentially beneficial aspects of promoting gemstones by color instead of by birthstone. 

“The age of color is here. And if you want to increase your market share, you’re going to have to improve your show line and adopt a ‘color-centric’ marketing message,” said Ramona Gautreaux, diamond and gemstone marketing director.

The book touches on three macro trends based on major cultural issues such as the environment, geopolitics and art. These macro trends are:
1. The Power of Nature, which focuses on responsibility, sustainability, and the creation of renewable, eco-friendly products.
2. The Global Village, which ties together many cultures, and offers a color palette rich with cultural connections.
3. Nostalgia, which reflects the music, art, politics, and attitudes of the “Golden Era,” post WWII.

“For the jewelry industry, an organizing principle of 2009’s micro trends—applications of macro trends—is color,” Gautreaux said. “By grouping gemstones, our color touchstones, into separate palettes in your showcases and storefronts, you will be able to direct your customers toward purchases that reflect their interests and coordinate with current fashions.”

According to Gautreaux, the seasonal color palettes include:
1. Spring’s Timbuktu, which represents the desire for newness–new products, new faces, and new places
2. Summer’s Confetti, which celebrates the optimism and excitement of post-World War II Americana
3. Autumn’s Muse, which hearkens back to the ‘70s, an era when natural materials graced everything from floor rugs to macramé handbags
4. Winter’s Phantasmagorical, which moves people to dreams of the magical and the enchanted, as found in the structure and lines of Art Deco

Color Stories 2009 is available for a nominal fee, or retailers can visit to review the online version. Call 1.800.877.7777 and ask for BROCHURE:300969:T.

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