Favorite Street Jewels From New York Fashion Week 2018

The whirlwind that is New York Fashion Week 2018 is over, leaving my Instagram feed just a little bit quieter—at least until festivities start in London and Paris.

My colleague Emili has—as always—been doing an incredible job of keeping us abreast of all the jewels coming down the New York’s  runways, both here on JCKonline.com and via JCK magazine’s Instagram Stories. You can count on the coverage continuing for Europe’s events as well.

As fashion week progressed, I started saving some of my favorite off-runway looks—have you seen Instagram’s new bookmark feature? It’s really been coming in handy for saving inspirational photos and, in my case, for noting images to incorporate into blog posts like these.

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The streets outside of fashion shows guarantee loads of fun looks to either inspire or, at least, start some conversation. I always enjoy seeing what the fashion set chooses to wear when they sit in on the runway shows, because they never fail to lend an idea or two on what to wear right now (while the runways give us more insight into the future, for the most part).

The same can be said for jewelry. What people are wearing on the street lets us know what styles are current, both in the type of jewel and how to wear it.


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Many of the looks that caught my eye are enduring trends: hoop earrings, big statement studs, and necklaces worn in layers. Bold and gold is the king and queen of all that is bejeweled, and I’m so inspired by how these women wear it. I’m surprised by how effortless some of the bigger looks appear: choker-length necklaces and big earrings worn together are somehow unfussy looking where I would have imagined they’d be too much.

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Bangle bracelets have also been a common sighting, worn both at the wrist bone and a bit further up the arm, à la Eva Chen pictured above.


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Onward to London Fashion Week, where we’ll see what else the style crowd has in store for our jewelry styling inspiration.

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