Sterling Silver Must-Haves From German Jeweler Breuning

A sterling silver selection is a staple in most retail stores. For buyers on a budget, the price point option makes it possible to leave with a great piece of jewelry—be it a self-purchase or a gift. In the same spirit, self-purchases and sales add-ons are often in the category of sterling silver, with easy-to-digest pricing and intriguing, crowd-pleasing finds.

That category is a vast one, and with many contributors to boot. So how does one stand out in a crowd? Exhibit A: German jewelry manufacturer Breuning.

Founded in 1927 by Franz Breuning, the company has remained a family business (now in its third generation), albeit a large one—by its 50-year anniversary, Breuning had more than 600 employees, making it one of the largest German jewelry manufacturers.

While the company specializes in both gold and silver jewelry, as well as a large collection of wedding rings, I’d like to focus on its silver collection, because I find it to be particularly compelling (especially that floral bracelet, pictured at top).

Breuning silver earrings

Drop earrings in sterling silver, $145

Breuning silver bracelet

Bangle bracelet in sterling silver, $400

The designs are sleek and fairly simple, though they have a certain je ne sais quoi (what’s the equivalent of that in German?) that sets them apart. Whether it’s the subtle twist or brushed detail of the bracelet pictured above, or the rose gold–accented detail on the piece below, there’s just that something extra in each design that makes it special.

Breuning two-tone silver bracelet

Bracelet in sterling silver with rose gold plating, $420

Breuning silver and sapphire bracelet

Cuff bracelet in sterling silver with white sapphires, $1,035

Breuning will be exhibiting in the plush Plumb Club neighborhood of JCK Las Vegas this year (PC-225), so be sure to note its location and pop over for a visit while you’re there.

Top: Flowers bracelet in sterling silver with white sapphires, $1,035