S&R Designs’ Low-Priced Four Keeps Charm Locket in Silver and Gems

For years, S&R Designs has been making fashion-forward numbers with gems in a variety of metals, but some of the price points ($2,500–$5,000) have still been too high for some stores. Frustrated by an inability to reach these clients, the company’s Steve Billig devised a product that’s seemingly guaranteed to please: sterling locket necklaces with retail prices starting at $200 that have visible gemstone inserts and freely moving charms with white topaz. “In the past, we would have done this look in white gold or two-tone metal with diamonds, and the price might have been around $3,500,” says Billig. But the Four Keeps pieces start at just $300 for a locket on a chain with a mother-of-pearl gemstone insert and one charm. (Individually, the charms retail for $30–$70.)

Billig had a soft launch at the Centurion 2014 jewelry show, where 38 stores picked up the line, which has a $5,000 buy-in (this includes 12 lockets and 140 charms). At the recently held Jewelers of America winter show, nine stores picked it up. Packaging and display materials are also provided. In total, six different locket SKUs are available—in two different sizes of rounds as well as pear, oval, flower, and shield shapes—in two different sizes (so, 12 total SKUs) and some 450 charms exist. Each locket holds from four to six charms.

Initial buyers will get their shipments about three weeks before Mother’s Day, and Billig is already planning additional offerings for fall.

Four Keeps locket necklaces with charms by S & R Designs

Four Keeps lockets start at $300 retail for a locket necklace with a mother-of-pearl insert and charms.

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