Springing for Color: Pantone’s Top 10

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Sept. 5–12) bowing at the tents today in Bryant Park, color authority Pantone ushers in the hues to watch.

Image via Pantone.com

If you think this is an arbitrary marketing ploy, think again. As their news release puts it, “Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to collect feedback on prominent collections colors, color inspiration and color philosophy.”


And the top 10 spring ‘09 colors for women are:

Image via Pantone.com

PANTONE 18-2328 Fuchsia Red 
PANTONE 15-1626 Salmon Rose

PANTONE 18-4043 Palace Blue
PANTONE 14-5714 Lucite Green
PANTONE 14-0754 Super Lemon

PANTONE 16-0435 Dark Citron
PANTONE 15-3817 Lavender
PANTONE 16-6339 Vibrant Green
PANTONE 16-5804 Slate Gray
PANTONE 14-1307 Rose Dust

To get a jump on your customer’s wardrobes, check out the full Pantone Fashion Color Report  – Spring 2009, complete with designer sketches, quotes, inspirations, and headshots—it’s free!


To review what’s going on right now for fall (a more saturated, but similarly springlike, palette), visit Pantone’s fall ‘08 report:


Image via Pantone.com

PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris

PANTONE 18-3531 Royal Lilac

PANTONE 18-5624 Shady Glade

PANTONE 18-4525 Caribbean Sea

PANTONE 18-1550 Aurora Red

PANTONE 18-1015 Shitake

PANTONE 18-1435 Withered Rose

PANTONE 19-3938 Twilight Blue

PANTONE 16-1448 Burnt Orange

PANTONE 14-1036 Ochre


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