Spring Sellers: Best-Selling Pearl Designs

We asked four retailers located in four corners of the country to share their top-selling pearl pieces this week.


Weber Jewelers, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

Photo courtesy of Weber Jewelers, Inc.

Imperial Tahitian black pearl rope necklaces, $5,200 to $6,500. “They’re 38 inches long, so you can double them or even triple them up,” says Jackie Ullmer, a store manager. “They feel new and fresh – unlike your typical strand. And can be dressed up or down, or worn as a belt or knotted.”


Jay F. Jeweler, Apple Valley, Minn.

Photo courtesy of Artistry Ltd.

Artistry Ltd. pearl pendant with diamond bale, $460. “It’s just a really classic piece, so people really gravitate toward it,” says Kris Kroll, sales associate.


Donoho’s Jewellers, The Woodlands, Texas

Photo courtesy of Mikimoto

Mikimoto akoyo pearl strand necklaces, 16 to 18 inches, $3,500 and up. “They’re super classy and fabulous,” notes assistant store manager Courtney West. “And around graduation and wedding season they sell really well.”


Oletowne Jewelers, Pottstown, Penn.

Photo courtesy of Rio Grande

Lariat-style leather-and-freshwater pearl necklaces from Rio Grande and Stuller, $80 to $100. “They have a great price point, and they’re something you can wear that’s not too dressy, which women like,” says John Strasbaugh, store owner.