Spotted Everywhere: Bright, Chunky Tassel Jewelry

We knew tassels were popular and expected them to stick around, thanks to the revival of ’60s and ’70s fashions. But the majority of those looks were in silver and gold, their tassels made up of a series of chains for a kind of meshy aesthetic. Enter summer, and tassels have graduated to a brighter and more playful look, made with beads or even something akin to a threaded yarn. They’ve been seen everywhere as of late, from fashion blogs to fast-fashion stores, elite icons and luxury boutiques, alike. Personally, I’ll be snagging a few of my own on a budget, sticking with those pieces composed of fabric and maybe glass or plastic (gasp!). But since this is Marketplace, and it allows me to dream of what could (and totally should) live in my jewelry box, I’ve selected a few of the more luxurious persuasion. With a bit of luck (and a much larger wallet), these are the jewels your customers could be wearing this summer—and with elements such as emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, they’ll be sporting them much longer than that.

Andreoli Colombian emerald tassel necklace




Gumuchian Tokapi tassel earrings




United Gemco emerald tassel bracelet

United Gemco


Bayco sapphire bead tassel earrings




ZDNY turquoise tassel necklace

ZDNY & Co.



Sonette pearl and amethyst tassel collection