Spectore in Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Wilkerson and Associates

Spectore Corp., Deerfield Beach, Fla. announces an agreement with Wilkerson and Associates’ Stuttgart, Ariz., for its national sales force to market and distribute the core Edward Mirell collections of contemporary jewelry to independent jewelers.

The official announcement was made at the recent JCK Show in Las Vegas. The agreement is solely and specifically focused on sales and distribution, and has in no way impacted the ownership of either company. Edward Mirell is a primary and complimentary addition to Wilkerson’s other branded product offerings, such as the John Bagley Bridal Collection.

Edward Mirell has pioneered and long ago established itself as a leading brand of contemporary jewelry. In addition to its own brands, for over 25 years Spectore also has served the broader industry with a multitude of new products introducing the latest innovations in technology, materials, and designs.

Until recently the Edward Mirell brand had been sold through its extensive in-house sales force and at trade shows worldwide. This new arrangement with Wilkerson enables Spectore to better serve the existing Edward Mirell authorized dealer network, while allowing for smooth transitional growth as the brand further expands to new dealers. This division of focus will enable Spectore to better center its efforts and further accelerate a multitude of developmental initiatives.
Both existing and new authorized dealers can take advantage of many exciting new benefits including a new seasonal dating package, in store sales training, POS support materials, a new updated showcase display, and an extensive fall 2008 consumer advertising campaign. 

For further information please contact info@edwardmirell.com.