Special Report: The Movement of Brazilian Jewelry, Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of a two-part special report on the relationship between movement and Brazilian jewelry.

How does Brazil’s annual Carnaval speak to or illustrate the aesthetic of Brazilian fine jewelry?

Priscilla Patto of FR Hueb:

“With our jewelry, we associate the femininity, color, and movement with carnival; these three are really important for us. But in our latest collections, we are trying to do some unusual pieces like two- and three-finger rings that are youthful and modern and different, like carnival. At carnival you see things in a different perspective and in an artistic way; you are not only focused on what’s obvious.”

FR Hueb gold and diamond three-finger ring

Triple-finger ring in 18k rose gold with snake motif and 1.60 cts. t.w. diamonds; $6,600


Gustavo Lerner of Denoir:

Carnaval speaks to the Brazilian aesthetic in two ways: creativity and color. Because carnival is all about creativity, and the joy and happiness of Brazilian life, that is translated into the mix of colors and stones. Carnaval is about lifestyle, and that is translated into our design. The music and dance are part of the whole culture, and are part of the joy the Brazilian way of life that gives us creativity to create jewels with movement and color.”

Denoir earrings

Earrings in 18k gold with brown diamonds and morganite; $7,000; Denoir


Cleison Roche of Cleison Roche:

Carnaval is a high voltage, herbolic experience that’s emotionally and visually stimulating, and the translation of that experience provides inspiration for our jewelry. It is like an opera with costumes and music that takes place in an ebullient environment.”

Cleison Roche

Daisy ring in 18k gold with tourmaline and diamonds; $5,900


Rosana Otani of Carla Amorim:

“Our jewelry reflects the colors, sparkles, and joy of Carnaval. Many of our customers tell us when they wear our pieces, they in the mood to celebrate life.”

Carla Amorim gold earrings

Pendulum earrings in 18k gold; $5,000


Eduardo Brüner of Brumani:

Carnaval is part of our culture and the vibrancy of the Brazilian soul. Carnaval is a direct influence on our jewelry for the color combinations, shapes, movement, and the way we translate what we feel in life to the designs.”

Brumani Confetti earrings

Confetti and Streamers earrings in 18k rose gold with diamonds, rose quartz, and yellow and pink sapphires; $13,800

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