Special Report: Color-Blocking Jewelry With Pantone’s Spring 2014 Colors

The Pantone Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report provides an overview of the season’s hottest colors. These are important for jewelers to know so they can help customers successfully color-block their accessories. Here are some tips on how to pair hues like a pro.

Pantone Placid Blue

Pantone 15-3920 Placid Blue

Blue’s opposite on the color wheel is red, but fashionistas also pair it with yellow. Use a neutral—or another bright—to serve as a balance, and you’ve got a winning look.

Pantone Violet Tulip

Pantone 16-3823 Violet Tulip

This soft hue looks great with orange and perks up prints.

Pantone Hemlock

Pantone 15-6114 Hemlock

Like Violet Tulip, this minty green complements other sherbet shades and can break up busy prints. Its soft tones can help neutralize bolder colors.

Pantone Paloma

Pantone 16-0000 Paloma

A shade of gray, Paloma is the ultimate neutral, and ideal for offsetting primary shades or other neutrals.

Pantone Sand

Pantone 15-1225 Sand

Similar to nude, Sand will pair with nearly any color—blue, red, or bolder shades.

Pantone Freesia

Pantone 14-0852 Freesia

A sunny, marigold-like color lightens up darker looks, and like Placid Blue or Dazzling Blue, can coordinate with brighter colors for a bolder look.

Pantone Cayenne

Pantone 18-1651 Cayenne

This spicy shade looks great with similar hues—think orange and peach—while balancing busy patterns and offsetting bright ones.

Pantone Celosia Orange

Pantone 17-1360 Celosia Orange

This slightly subdued orange looks gorgeous with pink and smokier tones.

Radiant Orchid Pantone

Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid

This fuchsia-like color is the ultimate happy hue; it looks great with black, and blends beautifully with purples.

Pantone Dazzling Blue

Pantone 18-3949 Dazzling Blue

Dazzling Blue pairs well with bold colors and other blues, and brightens softer shades.

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