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Social Media Updates: AI Edition


The work of artificial intelligence is growing larger, and if it feels as if we don’t go a day without hearing the term “AI,” it’s probably because we don’t. Here are just a few of the latest stories from social media apps utilizing AI in their everyday workings.

Meta Launching AI Personas

Meta, the parent company behind popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is reportedly planning to introduce AI personas, in an effort to retain and engage users.

A range of artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that exhibit different personalities is said to be on its way, reportedly launching as soon as September.

While Meta has declined to comment on the report from the Financial Times, those familiar with the project say the chatbots are capable of having humanlike discussions with the apps’ nearly 4 billion users. The company is said to have experimented with one chatbot that takes the form of Abraham Lincoln, while another, with the personality of a surfer, advises on travel options. The purpose of these chatbots: to provide a new search function and offer recommendations, while also giving users who may have grown weary of the apps something new to do.

For Meta, the chatbots could potentially collect valuable data on users’ interests, allowing the company to better target them—which has the possibility of raising red flags on privacy concerns.

TikTok Requiring Labels For AI-Generated Content

TikTok has introduced new rules regarding AI disclosure, as the use of artificial intelligence increasingly makes its way into social media.

The app has notified users that they will need to tag AI-generated content in the app or risk having it removed by moderators. The notice is seemingly TikTok’s way of getting ahead of the rise of things like deepfakes, which show realistic depictions of people in a range of situations, created by AI. Other apps, like Instagram and YouTube, are also reportedly developing their own AI labels. More information on when they will be available has not yet been provided.

Top: a screenshot of TikTok’s recent notification that all AI-generated content must be properly labeled (image via @mattnavarra)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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