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At a time when stress can be high, and social media—as necessary as it feels for brands and individuals to be a part of—can be sort of a drag. Even Instagram is aware of how downright depressing time on its app can be (the catalyst for its testing of like-count removal), and at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to do our best.

But then there are people like Lena Agdere. Jewelry designer and one part of the father-daughter team that is Lord Jewelry, she’s a ray of light that shines on platforms like Instagram.

We all (hopefully) know how nice it feels to get a supportive comment on a post. Or to follow someone on social media who inspires us. But how many of us can say we are those people, or that we go out of our way to lift the spirits of others? Lena is. In fact, she’s like 30 of those people. She sends notes of love and encouragement—DMs and handwritten—to friends and followers, she shares inspiring tidbits for captions, she’s just generally supportive of others in the industry and it shows. And she makes it her mission to empower others.

There’s evidence of this through the jewelry she creates with her father, Sinork Agdere, too. A creation by Lord Jewelry is totally drool-worthy, but it leaves more of an impression on you than that.

Image via: @lenaagdere

So, how does one person so readily touch the lives of others, through a platform like Instagram? And can you create an impact on your friends and followers, too? Here are a few questions with Lena Agdere.

First, tell us a little bit about you. How did you get into jewelry design?

I’m a biologist–turned–jewelry enthusiast!

As a kid, some of my earliest memories include spending time with my father, Sinork Agdere, at his workshop, playing with jewels and sketching designs. He has always been fascinated with wildlife and drew inspiration from the natural world for his designs. His unique vision of nature inspired me to explore biology on a deeper level. After graduating from college with an environmental biology degree, I chased my curiosities. I explored the Amazonian forests, camped on isolated islands to conduct scientific studies, got the chance to work on some incredible projects with fascinating wildlife including birds, bats, and even black bears, and helped publish research papers! And just as I thought my career couldn’t get any more interesting, I realized my childlike curiosity and creative fire were lit up to explore the “hidden jewels” within me. I joined my father in business in 2015 and decided to be a sparkly addition to Lord Jewelry. Our shared love for nature paired with our unique set of skills has made jewelry designing a wild journey!

Image via: @lenaagdere

You go above and beyond to spread messages of empowerment through social media, at a time when social can really do a number on people’s psyches. What drives you to want to make the social space a better place?

The internet is playing a pivotal role in creating connection and raising awareness while providing the opportunity to reach new audiences all around the globe. And now that anyone with an internet connection has a platform that they can easily utilize, I find it extremely important to take personal responsibility to use my voice to create positive change. I believe what we focus on expands in our consciousness, both personally and collectively. So I focus on all things empowering, beautiful, and bejeweled—and as a result, the community and the connections I create are a reflection of that!

Can you offer any advice for others wanting to do the same? Through their business accounts especially—because brands striving to better the world around them are something customers today want to see—and because we just need more of it.

Yes! Be crystal clear on who your audience is. Identify your values and the “why” that drives  your business. Share your vision and purpose with your audience. State it. Represent it with every share, post, and interaction. And beyond all that, focus on the things that you are passionate about. Let [people] see you as you are, because you are your brand and without that personal touch, business accounts turn into cold and robotic placeholders.

Image via: @lenaagdere

What other social media platforms are you active on, if any, and which do you prefer?

I am also active on Facebook, but I prefer Instagram because it really is geared toward visual storytelling, and that is my jam!

Are you on TikTok?

I just signed up. And let me say, I am hooked! Videos of people dancing, singing, and being silly—plus pets! What’s not to love?!

Image via: @lordjewelry

What do you think is the next big thing in social media?

I believe augmented reality and virtual reality integrations are the next big thing. We are such visual creatures, and it is obvious that pictures, videos, and immersive content are likely the future of social media. We are already doing so much on social: networking, marketing, selling, shopping, connecting, branding—any additions to make those experiences more immersive will be favored by users.

Everyone has a different definition of success when it comes to social media. What is yours?

Let me start by sharing that I do not define success by the number of followers. Yes, having a large following on social is great, but without true connection and interaction those numbers are meaningless. I define social media success by the authentic engagement and impact I am able to create through my content. My goal is to always start a conversation with my audience by sharing myself and my brand in the most authentic way. When I meet someone face-to-face for the first time who tells me how much they’ve enjoyed my content, and have felt closer to me through my work, I take that as a win!

First site you check in the morning?


Image via: @lenaagdere

What are your five favorite Instagram accounts to follow (these can be jewelry or other)?

@mr.babies; @diamondsinthelibrary; @jessechamberlinmarble; @bossbabeinc; @dogswithoutborders

Social media pet peeve?

Long-winded rants, people posting their entire lives on social media and oversharing, cyberbullying, not giving credit to content creator when reposting, following one minute, and unfollowing the next!

Image via: @lenaagdere

Tell us one of your 2020 goals.

My word for 2020 is create! I will be focusing on creating this year. And that pretty much goes for every aspect of my life and sums up my big-picture goal for the whole year ahead. My intention is to create love, joy, abundance, opportunity, connection, empowerment—I am ready to connect with my inner creative force deeper than ever before. Come Dec. 31, 2020, I want to be able to reflect back to the last 12 months and be overwhelmed with the amount of magic I have created!

A social media mantra to leave us with?

The world needs your unique sparkle.

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