Social Life: Lauren K’s Lauren Kessler

Fine jeweler Lauren K gets a lot of love here at JCK, and one look at designer Lauren Kessler’s creations makes it obvious why. A pillar of divine color and skillfully conceived setting, the brand is oft-featured because, well, there are too many goodies to choose just one. I would imagine that Kessler, the brand’s namesake and also the operator behind Lauren K’s Instagram account, feels the same way. With an arsenal of gorgeous gems to choose from, I would certainly delve into oversharing territory on the account, posting a new look, like, every five minutes. Thankfully, Kessler has it mastered. I asked her a few questions about her social media life—here’s what she had to say.

JCK: Your jewelry is so gorgeous and colorful, it makes a wonderfully photogenic subject! On Instagram, you don’t stop there: I enjoy the pictures of your designs against textures like wood and sand, or against the backdrop of nature at the beach or in the garden. What is your thought process in taking photos like these?   

Lauren Kessler: Although I think jewelry always looks sharpest against a clean white background, it is far more interesting when shown against a beautiful organic backdrop. Since our jewelry is also organically inspired, it’s a nice match. Whether that backdrop is wood, or a slice of agate, sand, or the beach, it’s a much richer visual feast for the Instagram viewer!

JCK: Though I am most attracted to your opals, you make use of a beautiful array of colored gemstones. Do you have a favorite to work with?

Kessler: I am particularly drawn to tourmaline at the moment. I love the wide range of colors. I love the cabs, the slices, the inclusions, and the mixing and matching of faceted and cabs in the same piece.

JCK: Is that also your favorite gemstone to photograph? Which gemstone do you think gets the most likes on Instagram?

Kessler: I’m not sure about this one! It’s either opal or tourmaline.

JCK: Summer vacation: Have you taken one this year? Where to?

Kessler: Last year we went on a big one to Greece. This year, I went to Jackson Hole for work and play, and I am going abroad again in the fall.

JCK: While traveling (for vacation or business), do you make a plan to keep active on social media, or is it a natural inclination? Also, do you always carry extra jewelry in case that perfect photo op strikes?

Kessler: I try to keep active on social media and keep extra photos on my phone. If I am away for pleasure, I’ll typically snap photos of a scenic backdrop or something that takes my breath away. If I am away for work, I’ll take photos of the trunk show or gems I’m buying.

JCK: Everyone has a different definition of success when it comes to social media: What is yours?

Kessler: We got in the social media game very late. I wasn’t really familiar with Instagram like I was with Facebook. I was singularly focused on that platform, and Instagram was not getting any of my attention. We finally got an account two and a half years ago, long after most had really conquered the platform. Obviously, it’s great to attract followers. We are not Instagram or website transactional, so, for us, I would gauge success by engagement in terms of likes, new followers, conversing with customers or retailers, and seeing what the interest is on new pieces and stones.

JCK: What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Kessler: Instagram, by far. I don’t tweet; I don’t use Twitter in any way. Our business pages on Instagram and Facebook are now linked, and people contact us on both platforms, but more so through Instagram. It’s easy to use the feed, and it’s more useful and engaging, for a host of reasons.

JCK: First site you check in the morning?

Kessler: Instagram!

JCK: Your feelings on Pinterest: Do you use it? If yes, in what capacity?

Kessler: Not at all.

JCK: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Kessler: Both!

JCK: What are your five favorite Instagram accounts to follow (these can be jewelry or other)?

Kessler: @cincinattizoo, @blackjaguarwhitetiger, @taffinjewelry, @discoverocean, @ivy_network

JCK: Social media pet peeve?

Kessler: Incorrect grammar.

JCK: And finally, for a virtual toast: Your favorite cocktail?

Kessler: Fruit-infused vodka on the rocks.

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