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There are a number of fantastic jewelry blogs and social media accounts out there that we rely upon—or at the very least, hungrily relish—for their authority on jewelry designers, industry insight, and, in the case of Instagram, fabulous photos. A Thousand Facets, a Tumblr account dedicated to the art of independent jewelers, is one of them.

But there’s one thing you’ll notice that’s a bit different from some of the other accounts we’re all in love with: This one is anonymous. It’s not a Gossip Girl-esque mystery. The person behind this account isn’t hiding, not speaking to the press from behind a shroud of darkness, or attending jewelry shows in a Sia-like wig, concealing her face. Her identity simply isn’t advertised. You won’t find names listed on any social platform, no headshot.

A Thousand Facets is the Daft Punk of jewelry. You may know the people behind the Parisan duo’s masked appearance, or you may not. It’s not so much about them as it is their music, and the same goes for A Thousand Facets. It’s simply an avenue to revel in the beautiful joy of jewelry design, and that seems to suit everyone just fine (and by the way, this project is in addition to the creator’s full-time job, which is quite a feat, if you ask me!).

Below, some insight into the world of A Thousand Facets.

A thousand facets photos

JCK: First, describe what A Thousand Facets means to you. What is its mission?

A Thousand Facets: A Thousand Facets is my passion project! I’ve been working on it for almost 8 years. My mission is to give small, independent designers in the different facets of jewelry design (contemporary, fine, artisan, etc.) a platform to showcase their work. Most of these designers are one-person shops. There are so many talented people who lack the budget for marketing, so I offer them a place to show their work at no cost. I also want to build a bridge between the contemporary, fine, and artisan worlds. It’s fascinating how they all work in the jewelry industry, yet nobody knows each other. There’s so much they can learn from each other! I only have one condition: The work needs to speak to me. I don’t just post anything, I need to love their work!

JCK: Is there a specific reason you decided to go the Tumblr route rather than a traditional blog or website?

ATF: Well, I’m not much of a writer. I’m more of a visual person, so I decided Tumblr was the best platform for me.  When I joined, there was a bigger fashion platform and my work was showcased many times in the fashion area, significantly boosting my engagement.

JCK: Do you have a specific method of finding new jewelry designers to feature on your feed?

ATF: I research every day—I look everywhere! I go to the “explore” sections on Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes I’ll search for one artist and another one pops up.  I do the major shows and when I go to a new town, I like to visit the stores and contemporary jewelry galleries. Sometimes, on a very special occasion, a friend introduces me to a gem of an artist!

A thousand facets rings

JCK: What is your favorite social media platform?

ATF: Instagram, hands down! It’s such a great community for the most part. I’ve made wonderful friends there, and I easily receive feedback. I do have a bone to pick with them: The new algorithm is not very friendly. I wish they’d change it back!

JCK: With just under 70,000 followers, I’d imagine many Instagram users out there would want to pick your brain about gaining a following. Any tips?

ATF: Be honest, speak from the heart, engage, be consistent, and show what you really love. I advise people to post regularly. You’re building your brand and you want it to be recognized. If you post at least once a day, people will start finding you, and they’ll want to see more. Take advantage of a lazy Sunday, take different photos and save them as stock. That way when you have nothing to post, you have an arsenal! Make sure you engage with your followers and be honest with them. They’ll trust you and keep coming to see what you have to say.

JCK: Sponsored posts: Yay or nay?

ATF: Nay. I’m going to get heat for this! I have my reservations, because a lot of “influencers” are being influenced by the money they are making on their posts. Does that make it a real influence?

JCK: Your Instagram feed is a vision of gorgeous jewelry, from styled shots to videos. Do you find any one style to perform best?  

ATF: Thanks so much! It all depends on the design. My largest post ever was this incredible video of a rose locket by Victoria Walker Jewellery; I met her in London and I couldn’t get enough of her work. I remember posting it on a Sunday afternoon, which is generally not one of my busier days. I told her, you’ll get 10,000 views and around a hundred new followers. She got 211,000 views, almost 10,000 likes and over 1,000 followers. I couldn’t believe it!

JCK: Everyone has a different definition of success when it comes to social media: What is yours?

ATF: The relationships I’ve fostered with designers! I’m a lucky girl. I’ve worked so hard to gain their trust, showing that I want to respectfully showcase their work. I’m happy to say I’ve become friends with some of the designers I look up to—nothing is better than that!

A thousand facets Instagram

JCK: First site you check in the morning?

ATF: Instagram: I like to see how my posts did overnight.

JCK: Your feelings on Pinterest: Do you use it? If yes, in what capacity?

ATF: I do like it; I’m a photo hoarder and I like that I can keep my thoughts in a semi-organized matter. I also have a secret jewelry board where I save designers I want to revisit in the future.

JCK: Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

ATF: Instagram stories! I have Snapchat, but I’m not a huge fan. I mainly use it to chat with my niece.

JCK: What are your five favorite Instagram accounts to follow (these can be jewelry or other)?

ATF: I’ll be super biased here. @ancients17: I’ve been mentoring him for around eight months and he is so passionate about opals and fossils that I geek out with it. Every time he posts something, it’s like Christmas morning! @danger_jewels: Max Danger has become a good friend. I love his sense of humor and his robots and bees…are super inspiring. @chrisbolanddesigns: I’m also good friends with Chris; he has incredible taste in gemstones (so we geek out together talking about gems) and I love when he does his process shots. @emmeline_hastings: Her textures are to die for! She is truly a genius in her field. @johnnyninos: I’ve been following Johnny since pretty much the beginning of my blog. We’ve never met in person, but through his pictures I see his sensibility as a designer. I love it!

JCK: Social media pet peeve?

ATF: Fake accounts and buying bots! I really dislike all these “influencers” deceiving people by the number of followers they have. The engagement seems impressive, but there’s no substance. I’d rather have fewer followers and more engagement. I’m proud to say, this is as real as I can get it. I try to vet as many followers as I can, and I block at least 50 a day. I don’t need that on my feed.

JCK: A social media mantra to leave us with?

ATF: Be honest, be yourself, and people will trust you!

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