So Many Jewels and Styles, So Little Time!

Caroline: I really need to update my jewelry wardrobe. Watching all those Oscar jewels really inspired me
Cynthia: You do have an eye for finding new designs — what are you thinking of adding?
Caroline: I haven’t quite decided yet. I did buy a fun, new ring in Tucson, but it really plugged a hole I didn’t even realize I had and didn’t fix any of the obvious ones!
Cynthia: Yes, the ring is charming!  I think you needed to add a bit of whimsy to your collection.
Caroline: Are saying I am too serious?!
Cynthia:  Not at all! I’m saying that your jewelry didn’t encompass all the aspects of your personality, and a good jewelry wardrobe can do that.
Caroline: Nice save. :)
Cynthia: You mention in our book that you’re a devoted jewelry watcher. Isn’t it fun to contemplate the personality of the woman wearing an interesting necklace or eye-catching brooch? After all, our jewelry speaks volumes. And building a jewelry wardrobe is a good chance to relay the messages we want to give off about ourselves.
Caroline: Yes, but I admit I’ve never thought about it in reverse… in what do people perceive about me when seeing my jewelry? I just purchase pieces and somehow they all work with each other (or one sad one gets left in the jewelry box!).
Cynthia: lol… well let’s talk about the orphan another time… You’re way ahead of the game for purchasing pieces that work well together. For too many women, it’s a matter of acquiring bits and pieces that don’t! Why do you find it easy to select pieces that work well together?
Caroline: I’m glad you think I do OK in that department, not being an image consultant and all. I guess the first thing I look for is to not look like everyone else. I know my wardrobe is different from everyone else’s and I think it should be. I buy jewelry that speaks to me and somehow the pieces work.
Cynthia: I notice you prefer platinum and the white metals to complement your cool skin tone.
Caroline: I fear that is leftover brainwashing from my Platinum Guild days!!! And I mean that in a good way. Thankfully, I look good in – and have lots of – white metals. Actually, I really like all the white metals as they seem to make all my jewelry match, so I don’t have to worry about if everything matches exactly.
Cynthia: Even if you stick with white metals, jewelry sends all kinds of messages, and not all pieces in white metal necessarily work well together, as you know. Let’s pick up with that topic next time.

Today’s Jewel
Helping your customer build her jewelry wardrobe can be a fun, profitable part of your job. Talk to her. Does she feel there are any holes in her wardrobe? Discussing her jewelry wardrobe is a great conversation that you can have the next time she drops in for a watch battery or a periodic cleaning. Engage her to think about her wardrobe: What does it say about her? How would she describe her wardrobe looking at it objectively? Is she happy with the message it conveys? Is she looking for something new and different from her other pieces?

Spending time working on your customer’s wardrobe, as a whole, can really pay off in the long run:
1. You’ll have a happier customer.
2. You’ll make more sales.
3. You’ll have something specific to mention to her significant other the next time a gift is needed.

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