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So-Le Studio Expands Its Retail Footprint With Paris Pop-Up


Maria Sole Ferragamo’s pop-up at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store in Paris serves as both a So-Le Studio boutique and a look at the designer’s commitment to upcycling.

The experiential installation opened in February during Paris Fashion Week and will continue through April 21. Ferragamo says she is loving this introduction of her unique sculptural jewelry to a larger audience. She founded So-Le Studio in 2019 in Milan, and opened its flagship store there in December 2022.

“We’re thrilled to make our Paris debut and first footsteps into such an iconic department store,” Ferragamo says. “Being invited by Le Bon Marché to curate our pop-up is an immense honor, and we wanted to create a special installation for this special moment.”

Sole popup interior
So-Le Studio’s pop-up sits in the center of the jewelry department at Paris’ Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store.

So-Le jewelry is made from leftover leather, brass, and other material. Ferragamo created its first pieces using leather from her family’s business (her grandfather is Salvatore Ferragamo, founder of the esteemed fashion house) that would otherwise have been discarded.

At the Paris pop-up, So-Le has dropped its 2024 collection, which includes four new designs: the Soffio ear cuff, Lacrima earrings, the Heron bracelet, and the Hero necklace.

Ferragamo says she experimented with new techniques on these jewels, such as making the Heron cuff from a single surface of leather, sliced and perforated in a way that created structure and a captivating visual effect. Following So-Le Studio’s tradition, all four new pieces are bold yet feel light, almost imperceptible, on the wearer.

“Each piece is conceived as an individual organism that required extensive study and prototyping to become extensions of the wearer,” Ferragamo says. “My philosophy is to use decoration only when it serves a purpose, rather than for mere ornamentation. The emphasis is on the form of each piece.”

Ferragamo worked with Milan-based architecture studio Fondamenta to adapt the immersive atmosphere of her Milan boutique to the Paris location. An aesthetic of lightness, sustainability, and surprise are found throughout the pop-up, which sits in the center of Le Bon Marché’s bijoux (jewelry) department.

Pop up sole
Maria Sole Ferragamo says she uses mirrors to make her retail spaces feel expansive.

When the Paris pop-up is over, it will be disassembled and repurposed for future projects, in keeping with Ferragamo’s commitment to sustainability.

“The space works in symbiosis with our jewelry, alive and with its own character, just like our pieces,” she says. “The essence of our jewelry is intricately linked to the experience of looking, touching, trying, and ultimately choosing to make them your own.”

While the scale may be different between the Paris and Milan locations, their core design principles are the same, Ferragamo says. For example, she uses fabric molded over wooden frames to elegantly display jewelry, in a way that seemingly defies gravity. Mirrors strategically placed mirrors make the space feel expansive.

“During our overnight installation at LBM, the magic unfolded. Once we put the jewelry on display, it came to life, vibrating with a tangible energy,” Ferragamo says. “It was a beautiful fusion of form and essence, where container and content found a perfect harmony. I was moved.

“Storytelling is crucial to our brand,” she says. “Sharing the narratives behind our pieces deepens new clients’ appreciation and understanding.

“The reactions of the French clientele have been fascinating. While initially intrigued but still hesitant about the sizes of our pieces, they gradually warmed up to them, often purchasing our largest ones. It’s clear they see them as more than just jewelry, more like design pieces.”

Top: Maria Sole Ferragamo currently has a So-Le Studio pop-up boutique in Paris along with her brand’s flagship store in Milan. (Photos courtesy of So-Le Studio)

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