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Smiling Rocks Brings Bold Style To Its New Men’s Engagement Rings


When it comes to engagement rings, Zulu Ghevriya wants men to “rethink bold” when it comes to purchasing a ring for their partners or, more importantly, for themselves.

“This is the time for men to think of their engagement purchase too,” says Zulu Ghevriya, CEO and cofounder of New York–based fine-jewelry company Smiling Rocks, which specializes in lab-grown diamonds.

Smiling Rocks recently launched its new Men’s Solitaire Engagement Ring collection, which includes six designs and lab-grown diamond shapes for men, allowing its clients to mix and match different styles. Ghevriya says Smiling Rocks felt the diamond category has underestimated men’s engagement rings, especially with solitaire diamonds.

The goal with this collection is to appeal to the man who wants a classic ring for everyday wear that both suits their personality and also makes a personal statement, Ghevriya says.

“Bold has not been associated with a solitaire ring, especially for men,” Ghevriya continues. “This collection explains it otherwise, as the designs speak for themselves. It’s time to change the curve in 2022 where men are going into the category of exploring more options for themselves in jewelry.”

Smiling Rocks collection
The Smiling Rocks men’s engagement collection features six different rings, from top: the Octagon ring, Asscher ring, Sparkle ring, Dome ring, Emerald ring, and Square ring. All are available with 1 ct.–3 ct. center stones.

Men’s engagement rings, sometimes referred to as “mangagement” rings, has taken off as a trend in recent years, spurred in part by new styles from Tiffany & Co. and admiration for cultures where men wearing an engagement ring is considered traditional. Millennials as well as Gen Zers also embraced men’s engagement rings as a way to show their commitment as well as their overall style.

Ghevriya and cofounder and chairman Manish Jiwani established Smiling Rocks in 2018 and launched it in 2019. Ghevriya says both cofounders have been in the diamond and jewelry industry for more than 20 years and felt ready to make an industry impact with new concepts, a fresh perspective, and its own lab-grown diamonds that emphasize glamour and sustainability.

The Men’s Solitaire Engagement Ring collection feels like it wants to be admired, a sentiment that Ghevriya says his own staff felt as they were making it. He says the collection is meant to feel mature and sophisticated.

“These rings are speaking on their own,” Ghevriya says. “It spoke to them immediately with their style and persona they carry within them. The metallic look is very eye-catching, presenting the rings with a charisma and electric vibe.”

Smiling Rocks men's engagement ring collection
Zulu Ghevriya, CEO and cofounder of Smiling Rocks, says he believes men’s engagement rings are “underexplored” by the jewelry-design world. He wanted to shift the look away from plain metal bands to something bolder and with “sophisticated” diamonds as well.

Ghevriya also says he believes this is an ideal collection for men to explore if they’re just starting to wear luxury jewelry.

“Traditionally, men’s jewelry has been created in more of the ‘bling’ side, which men would shy away for their daily wear. Smiling Rocks wants to create the designs that make them comfortable to wear every day,” Ghevriya says. “Just like Rolex or any luxury-branded watches, men are looking for a piece that gives them a subtle but bold look, and they can feel the personality they are carrying from within.”

Along with its men’s collection, Smiling Rocks offers other fine jewelry, including women’s engagement rings and other fine jewelry featuring lab-grown diamonds, Ghevriya says.

Smiling Rocks also continues its original goal of being a philanthropic company that focuses on sustainability and giving back, he adds. Smiling Rocks has converted its packaging to Forest Stewardship Council–certified paper or biodegradable materials. It also donates back to its communities through charitable donations; the percentage of its charity distribution is 1% of the revenue from loose diamonds, 3% from B2B jewelry, and 10% from B2B jewelry business.

Top: Smiling Rocks recently introduced six new designs and diamond shapes with its Men’s Solitaire Engagement Ring collection, something cofounder Zulu Ghevriya says is a trend that is here to say as men embrace jewelry for themselves (all photos courtesy of Smiling Rocks).

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