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Are We Sleeping on LinkedIn?


When you consider your business’ social media strategy, which platforms are involved? You’d probably answer that question with Instagram, Facebook, maybe TikTok, casually Pinterest, and somewhere between yes and hell no on X (formerly known as Twitter).

But have you considered LinkedIn?

The Microsoft-owned app often thought of as the place where professionals go to network certainly wants you to.

Last week TechCrunch reported that LinkedIn was experimenting with TikTok-like content, using a vertical feed of short videos users can swipe through. Apparently you have always been able to post videos on LinkedIn (did we all know that?), but this new feature, which caters to the preferences of many users on apps like TikTok, Instagram, and even YouTube, would offer bite-size bits of content revolving around careers and professionalism.

“It’s as if LinkedIn is targeting a whole new ‘type’ of user—one caught in limbo somewhere between two other well-known social networks,” another recent TechCrunch said, referring to TikTok and what used to be Twitter.

LinkedIn isn’t the “fun” app people open when they’re looking to kill time, though its business-like environment and contributions to an unhealthy hustle culture can leave one feeling inadequate in a different way from the impossible beauty and lifestyle standards peddled on Instagram.

While LinkedIn focuses more on connecting professionals than sharing consumer-oriented content, there are still potential benefits for the jewelry industry. Retailers and other jewelry companies should consider it for a behind-the-scenes approach, if they are looking to attract talent (as opposed to reaching consumers to buy their product). After all, a business is only as good as the people who keep it running, and crafting a desirable profile on LinkedIn could help you find quality employees.

Furthermore—and this is reaching a bit—LinkedIn users are consumers, and even if they aren’t looking to work for your brand, they might consider purchasing from it if they like what they see. The modern consumer is ever more concerned with giving their money to companies with hearts and souls. LinkedIn might be just the place to show off yours.

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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