Skagen Designs Claims Trade Dress Infringement

Skagen Designs said it has filed a lawsuit against Genender International, Inc., a watch producer based in Wheeling, Ill., for trade dress infringement.

The lawsuit alleges that Genender’s Hamlin brand of watches illegally infringe Skagen’s rights of trade dress under section 43(a) of the Lanham Act.

Skagen said it first became aware of Genender’s allegedly infringing watches at JCK Las Vegas 2007.

Skagen Designs is known for timepieces inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of Skagen, Denmark. Skagen Designs said it vigorously protects its intellectual property rights.

“Although we regret the need for litigation, it is important that we take all necessary steps to protect our brand,” said Charlotte Jorst, co-owner of Skagen Designs with her husband Henrik Jorst. “Henrik and I have worked very hard over many years to bring our Danish designs to the public, and we simply feel the actions of Genender are wrong.”

The lawsuit, pending in the federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, was originally filed by Genender against Skagen, seeking a declaratory judgment of noninfringement.