Simply Maw-velous: Jane Bohan’s Maw-sit-sit Jewels

A rare and uncommon moss-green mineral call Maw-sit-sit is the star of new jewelry selections from New York City–based jewelry designer Jane Bohan. Set in 18k green gold and sometimes mixed with palmwood—a sustainable timber with stippled patterning and coloring that rivals ebony and teak—Maw-sit-sit is an aggregate of minerals chock-full of black veins; it’s a distant cousin to jade, and is even mined in an area of Burma near some jade deposits.

Bohan purchased the material for the second consecutive year from stone dealer Robert Bentley, as well as buying a pair of drops from a dealer in the GJX tent in Tucson this year. Bohan calls Maw-sit-sit a “good carving stone,” and made only four pieces (a bracelet not shown is $1,750) due to limited availability. “It’s not like working with citrine or amethyst,” she says.

She showed it for the first time at the New York City edition of SOFA in April, and will be bringing the items to the JA show in Manhattan next week: “The pieces are looking for homes.”

Jane Bohan's Maw-sit-sit jewelry

Twenty-five–inch 18k green gold necklace set with Maw-sit-sit and Palmwood, $6,800; Maw-sit-sit pear-shape drop earrings in 18k green gold, $1,550; Maw-sit-sit dangle earrings in 18k green gold, $2,400

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